Nelson v. Murdock - Recap

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A battered Matt wakes up on the couch in his apartment and finds bloody medical supplies around him. He realizes that his wounds are stitched up and tries to get up, and Foggy advises him not to. Foggy says that Matt had him call Claire, and she stitched Matt up. Hurt, Foggy asks if Matt is even blind.

The Past

Foggy is in his dorm room trying to access his college schedule on his laptop when Matt comes in. They introduce themselves and realize that they're roommates, and Foggy points out that they both grew up in Hell's Kitchen. He remembers when Matt saved the old man from the truck, and Matt is happy that Foggy is treating him as a normal man. Foggy figures that girls love the wounded duck routine and that he'll get girls when he's Matt's wingman. The laptop rings and Foggy says that he got a course in Punjabi. Matt figures that he did it to get a girl, and Foggy takes him out to get coffee.


Matt tries to explain what Wilson is doing, but Foggy is more concerned that his supposed friend has been lying to him for years. He says that Claire didn't tell him about Matt's condition, and Matt admits that the nurse only knows because she found him in a dumpster. Foggy wonders if Matt blew up the buildings, and admits that he doesn't know what Matt is capable of anymore. Matt tells him that Wilson did it all, and Wilson's ally Nobu attacked him.

Karen calls and Foggy grabs Matt's phone and says that she deserves to know. Matt begs him not to, and Karen then calls Foggy. He takes the call and tells her that Matt was hit by a car, and orders her to stay at the office. Once he hangs up, Foggy angrily tells Matt that he lied to someone he cares about, and demands to know everything.

Wilson meets Madame Gao in his penthouse garden and she points out that he is not the single-minded man that she first allied with. She figures that he set up Nobu to take on Daredevil, knowing the ninja would deal with the matter personally. Gao wonders when Wilson will turn on her, and he assures her that she has his respect. Switching to English so that Wilson fully understands her, Gao tells him that he must choose whether to be savior or oppressor, and warns that Wilson doesn't choose then others will choose for him.

Doris Urich wakes up in her hospital bed and finds Ben at her side. He's working in his notebook and admits that a story has gotten away from him. Doris assures him that he'll figure it out, and assures him that a reporter is what he is. Ben isn't so sure, and his wife says that his best stories are still ahead of him. Doris stares off for a moment and then forgets their entire conversation. Shirley calls Ben outside to talk about the coverage extension, and warns that she did everything she could but it wasn't enough.

At the apartment, Foggy looks at Matt's makeshift costume. Matt explains that Stick taught him how to fight and how to overcome his blindness. He demonstrates what he can sense about Foggy, and Foggy realizes that he knew Karen was telling the truth because Matt monitored her heartbeat. Foggy points out that it's a violation of her rights, and realizes that Matt always knew when he was lying.

The Past

Matt and Foggy come home from drinking, and Foggy assures his friend that he'll graduate top of his class. He's sure that they'll become lawyers and asks about the Greek girl Matt took Spanish to get close to. Matt admits that it didn't work out. Talk turns to the first time Matt had his drink, and he describes how his father gave him a drink of Scotch to steady his hands when Matt stitched him up. Foggy assures his friend that Jack would be proud of him, and tells Matt that his entire family will be coming to see a lawyer in the family. He's looking forward to becoming a defense attorney, and says that they'll both have fancy offices one day.


Ben goes back to his office and Ellison comes in. He notes that Ben passed off a story, and Ben says that he had something personal come up. The editor then says that they're looking for an editor for Metro, and hopes that Ben will take the job. Ben points out that he's a reporter, not an editor, but Ellison notes that it would come with more pay and better benefits, in case Ben needs them. He tells Ben to let him know in the next couple of days and leaves. Once he's alone, Ben looks at his organizational chart of Wilson's operation.

Karen arrives at the law office and finds an old shoebox on her desk. Ben comes in, startling her, and says that the box has everything he has on Wilson. The reporter admits that right now he has something more important in his life, and admits that extension didn't come through. Ben hands Karen a brochure for a nursing home and says that he can't afford it, so he's bringing Doris home. Karen asks him to come with her to a nursing home in upstate New York that might change her mind. She insists and Ben reluctantly gives in.

Wilson and Wesley meet with Leland and tell him what happened to Nobu. He realizes that Wilson wants him to lie and tell Gao that everything is fine. Wilson sends Wesley to bring the car and tell Vanessa that he's on his way. Leland says that things have been getting out of hand since Wilson started seeing Vanessa, and Wilson says that change is inevitable and certain relationships are going to change. The financier agrees to tell Gao what Wilson wants him to say.

Foggy gets a call from Mahoney and then tells Matt that the junkie he questioned fell off a rooftop to his death. He wonders if Matt killed the man, and Matt insists that he told the junkie to turn himself in. Matt says that Wilson arranged the murder to cover himself, and admits that he was tempted to kill for the first time after Wilson had Elena killed. Foggy reminds Matt of what he said about making the law work for them, and Matt says that sometimes the law isn't enough.

The Past

At Landman and Zach, interns Matt and Foggy attend a conference where Parish Landman, representing Roxxan Energy, tells the defendant that they're pursuing damages against him for leaking the company's secrets. The old man points out that he only told his doctor so the man could diagnose his condition. The man's lawyer asks for a minute alone with his client. Back in their office, Foggy tells Matt that he's received word the firm is going to offer them jobs. However, he realizes that Matt is upset. Matt asks Foggy if he thought what happened in there was right, and insists that the defendant didn't divulge trade secrets to anyone. He suggests that Landman and Zach aren't the people that they should be working with. Foggy grabs a box and starts packing.


Matt tells Foggy to say what he needs to say.

As they drive, Ben tells Karen how serious Doris' condition is. They arrive at an expensive nursing home, Saint Benezet, and Ben warns that there's no way he can afford it. Karen suggests that they just look around.

Foggy says that he doesn't know anything about why Matt runs around in a costume. beating up people. Matt explains that after his accident, he could hear all the cries and screams in the city. He still didn't do anything until after they left the firm. One night Matt heard a father raping his daughter. Matt called Child Services but the wife didn't believe it and the father was careful not to leave a mark.

The Past

A hooded Matt attacks the father when he's on security patrol at a rail yard. They fight and Matt beats the man down, and then tells him to stay away from his daughter.


Matt tells Foggy that he never slept better then after that night. Foggy points out that Matt trained to fight after Stick left, knowing he would do something like that. He suggests that maybe Matt was just looking for an excuse to hit someone and can't stop himself. Matt says that he wants to stop.

Karen and Ben look around the nursing home and she suggests that they talk to one of the patients. She knocks at a door and the woman inside, Mrs. Vistain, invites them in. She asks if it's time and then realizes it's not the people who usually come for her. Karen asks her about her husbands and Ben finally realizes that Mrs. Vistain is Wilson's mother by her first husband. She says that Wilson comes to see her every weekend and that it wasn't her fault what happened to her husband. Karen asks her what Wilson did.

Wilson is at a Hell's Kitchen fundraiser with Vanessa, giving a speech. Afterward, Leland tells Wilson that he talked to Gao and then grabs a drink. Senator Randolph Cherryh comes over and asks if Wilson has ever considered running for office. Wilson talks with him privately and Wesley points out to Vanessa that Cherryh won his last election even though not enough people voted for him. People start dying and Wilson comes over just as Vanessa collapses, foaming at the mouth like the others.

As Matt checks his wounds, Foggy warns him that he's going to get himself killed. He says that they're a part of it now and they didn't have a say in it, and Matt asks if Foggy would have put on a mask and fought if he could have saved Elena. Foggy points out that Matt intended to kill Wilson, and that his friend doesn't sound any different than Wilson does. Matt insists that he made a mistake, and Foggy points out that if he went to jail then people would think Foggy and Karen knew it all along. When Matt says that the city needs him in the mask, Foggy says that he might be right... but he needs his friend. He tells Matt that he wouldn't have kept it from him and walks out.

The Past

Foggy and Matt go to Josie's to drink. Matt is injured and claims that he tripped falling out the trash, and Foggy finishes writing out their office's sign on a napkin. Foggy admits that he's scared at the thought but he assures Matt that he's with him. Matt says that there's no one he'd rather be doing it with, and they share a toast to Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law.


Foggy goes to the office and looks at their new sign. He then throws it in the garbage and leaves with his things.