Season 4

My 600-Lb. Life: Supersized: Moments of Truth

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Fan Favorites: Laura's Story

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Fan Favorites: Chad's Story

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Fan Favorites: Nikki's Story

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My 600-Lb. Life: Supersized: Teretha's Story

Teretha is confined to a bed, which is a far cry from her former job with Detroit's healthy eating program; with facts and bonus scenes.

Source: TLC

My 600-Lb. Life: Supersized: Randy's Story

Randy has lost everything important to him because of his food addiction; with facts and bonus scenes.

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25 :04x01 - Nikki's Story

Nikki's career as a costume designer is under threat by her immobility.

26 :04x02 - Brittani's Story

Brittani is married a man who likes large women, but at 600-lbs, she can barely contribute to their marriage.

27 :04x03 - Chad's Story

Following gastric bypass surgery, Chad soon loses his dangerous weight but faces a medical crisis after he does not follow the doctor's orders.

28 :04x04 - June's Story

June attempts to deal with the tragic death of her son by eating but she then needs to confront the emotional issues causing her food compulsion following gastric bypass surgery.

29 :04x05 - Dottie's Story

Dottie would like to be a better mother and agrees to a drastic new diet.

30 :04x06 - Gideon's Story

Gideon's weight stops him from working, making him completely dependent on his tired wife.

31 :04x07 - Ashley D.'s Story

Weighing over 700 pounds at 26-years-old, the clock is ticking on Ashley's life. Ashamed of her body, she mostly hides at home. After bypass surgery, Ashley confronts medical setbacks and struggles to get past the trauma that ignited her eating disorder.

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32 :04x08 - Teretha's Story

Teretha is confined to a bed, which is a long way from her former job being a representative for Detroit's healthy eating program.

33 :04x09 - Randy's Story

Randy's food addiction ruined his marriage and stops him from seeing his daughter.

34 :04x10 - Milla's Story

Milla has become bedridden and is dependent on her husband and five children, who can't resist her requests for constant junk food.

35 :04x11 - Sean's Story

The show features Sean's story this week.

36 :04x12 - Lupe's Story

At 600 pounds, Lupe spent the last 10 years in bed & totally dependent on her husband. A doctor in Texas is her only hope for change. A cross-country move to save her life, may end up backfiring. Did Lupe wait too long to begin her weight-loss journey?

Source: TLC

37 :04x13 - Bettie Jo and Susan

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38 :04x14 - Joe

Joe is thinking about proposing to his girlfriend after coming a long way from being morbidly obese; Charity struggles to find strength and face her goals after many post-surgery complication.

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39 :04x15 - Angel and Charity

Despite having lost 378lbs, Angel's knee pain combined with a history of obesity threatens everything she's worked for. Charity must find the strength to return to her goals of getting healthy and living a normal life after post-surgery complications.

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40 :04x16 - Laura and Marla

Laura has lost 300lbs+ and is much less dependent on her husband Joey who now he's having trouble finding his way in the relationship. Marla, one of Dr. Now's most challenging patients returns and the fireworks begin all over again.

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41 :04x17 - Chay and Pauline

Pauline must find the will to keep up her weight-loss progress after a medical emergency. Chay's finally admitting what he's long known, that he's a transgender woman. However, the emotional stress of coming out could threaten his weight loss journey.

Source: TLC