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LIVING was launched on 1 September 1993 and is available on both cable and satellite. The channel was originally known as UK Living and is owned by Flextech. In 1997 the channel dropped the UK from it's title and became known as Living before becoming LIVINGtv. In February 2007 the network reverted to just being called LIVING again.

The network has produced various paranormal programs such as Most Haunted, I'm Famous and Frightened! and Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns. The network has shown many imported series from America since it's launch including The Jerry Springer Show, The Bold And The Beautiful and Will & Grace. Current American series to be broadcast on the channel include Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal and Melrose Place.

Also Known As
UK Living (1993–1997)
Living TV (1997–2004)
LIVINGtv (2004–2007)
Living (2007–2011)
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