Shows in development for NAT GEO WILD

Shows set to premiered in the year 2012
Bush Cowboy with Matt Wright 2012 Reality


Country: USA
First Broadcast: May 24, 2005
Parent Company: National Geographic Society
Reaching Households: 57,833,000 (50.64% of those with a TV)
Animal Storm Squad
Deadly Game
Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: Gloves Off!
Mission Critical
Pet Talk
United States of Animals
Animal Record Breakers
Are You Smarter Than
Bandit Patrol
Deadliest Week Ever
Destination Wild
Everything You Didn't Know About Animals
The Himalayas
Is Your Dog a Genius?
Kingdom of the North
The Nile
Operation Orangutan
Secret Garden (US)
The Truth About Cats
Wild 24
Would You Rather...
Caribbean's Deadly Underworld
Cesar 911
Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull
Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER
Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
Fish Bowl
Florida Untamed
Going Wild
How Human Are You?
Pond Stars
Snake City
Total Riff Off
Alpha Dogs
Animal Fight Night
Betty White Goes Wild!
Biggest and Baddest
Cesar Millan: Doggie Nightmares
Cougar v. Wolf
Croc Invasion
Jobs That Bite!
Killer Queen
Man v. Cheetah
Mustang Millionaire
National Geographic Wild Specials
One Life (US)
A Penguin’s Life
The Phantom Cat
Shocking Sharks
Spoiled Rotten Pets
Super Cat
When Sharks Attack
Winged Seduction
Animal Intervention
Fish Tank Kings
Live Like an Animal
Man-Eater Manhunt
Secret Brazil
Untamed Americas
Wild Hawaii
Wild Scene Investigation
Africa's Deadliest
An Animal Saved My Life
Animal Fugitives
Blue-Collar Dogs
Cameramen Who Dare
Crimes Against Nature
Deadly 60 (US)
How Big Can It Get
The Incredible Dr. Pol
Killer Shots
Man v Monster
Miracle Babies
My Bear Family
My Life Is a Zoo
Night Stalkers
Outback Wrangler
Penguin Island (US)
Shane Untamed
Ultimate Predators
Wild Case Files
Wild Wives of Africa
Will Work For Nuts
World's Weirdest
Hunt for the Giant Octopus
Life in the Canopy
The Lion Ranger
My Dog Ate What?
Mystery Gorillas
Rebel Monkeys
Restless Planet
Wild Justice
Wild Nights with Mireya Mayor
Monster Fish
Unlikely Animal Friends
Planet Carnivore
World's Deadliest