Show in Hiatus/TBD on TLC

Shows premiered in the year 2015
All About Sex Jan 10, 2015 Talk Shows TBD/On The Bubble
Love at First Swipe Oct 02, 2015 Reality On Hiatus
The Willis Family May 05, 2015 Reality On Hiatus
Shows premiered in the year 2013
7 Little Johnstons Apr 14, 2013 Reality On Hiatus
Buddy's Bakery Rescue May 27, 2013 Reality TBD/On The Bubble
Shows premiered in the year 2012
Breaking Amish Sep 09, 2012 Reality TBD/On The Bubble
Shows premiered in the year 2010
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Jul 30, 2010 Reality On Hiatus


Country: USA
First Broadcast: 1972
Parent Company: Discovery Communications Inc.
Reaching Households: 97,842,000 (85.68% of those with a TV)
90 Day Fiancé: After The 90 Days
A Baby Story: Just Born
Fat Chance
I Am Jazz: More Jazz
Killer Women
Little People, Big World: Back to the Farm
Long Lost Family: Reunited
My 600-Lb. Life: Extended
My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?
My Big Fat Fabulous Life: More Fab
My Giant Life: Extra Tall
Outdaughtered: A Quint's Life
Say Yes to the Address
Single Dad Seeking...
Skin Tight
Skin Tight: Transformed
Two in a Million
What If We Get Married?
Answered Prayers
Brides Gone Styled
Dare to Wear
Dateline on TLC
I Am Jazz
I Still Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Jill & Jessa: Counting On
Labor Games
Love, Lust or Run
Love, Lust or Run: Wear Are They Now
Married by Mom and Dad
My Big Fat Fabulous Life
My Giant Life
Our Little Family
Outrageous Births: Tales From the Crib!
Return to Amish: Extra Chapter
Say Yes to the Prom
Strange Love
Style By Jury
90 Day Fiancé
Bride by Design
Curvy Brides
Psychic Matchmaker
Return To Amish
Say Yes to the Dress: Since the Big Day
Sex Sent Me to the ER: Extra Dose
Untold Stories of the E.R.: Sex Edition
Breaking Amish: LA: Extended Episode
Bridal Mile
Buying Naked
Pregnant Behind Bars
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta: Unveiled
Sex Sent Me to the ER
Something Borrowed, Something New
TLC Special
Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor
I Found the Gown
My 600-lb Life
My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
Extreme Cheapskates
Long Island Medium
Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids
Extreme Couponing
My Strange Addiction
Who Do You Think You Are? (US)
Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?
Four Weddings (2010)
The Little Couple
Dateline: Real Life Mysteries
Say Yes To The Dress
Little People, Big World
48 Hours: Hard Evidence