Kryptonite - Recap

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Schmidt calls Jess into his room as she walks by. He tells her he has a girl coming
over later and asks where in his room he looks the sexiest. He moves between
several spots in the room. Nick comes in while this was going on, and he and Jess
make Schmidt run around the room repeating his options over and over until Schmidt catches on.

Jess and Nick are in the kitchen, talking about Winston, a previous roommate
who has just moved back in and is asleep in his room. Jess is planning on surprising
him with breakfast in bed. Nick and the newly entered Schmidt think it's a bad idea
because Winston got really drunk the night before and is probably hung over.

Jess enters Winston's room and sets a tray of food down next to his bed.
Winston wakes up, very confused, pointing at Jess and stammering. Jess introduces herself...
by singing her name at the top of her lungs. Winston screams. Nick and Schmidt share
a look of disbelief in the other room.

Jess and Nick are in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Winston comes in and
Jess apologizes for waking him up the way she did. Jess then asks Winston if he has a tank top she
can borrow, as she is low on clothes since she still hasn't gotten her
stuff back from her ex. Schmidt comes out of the shower and tells Jess she can
pick some clothes out of his "lost and found", which is a collection of things
girls that he's brought home have left there.

Jess is looking through the "lost and found." Schmidt is reflecting on memories
related to the women who left things there. Schmidt then asks Jess if Winston
has said anything to her about getting his old room back, which Schmidt now stays in.

Nick and Winston are in the other room playing basketball. Nick tells Winston Schmidt will never give
him the room back. Winston hints that schmidt is stupid and can easily be made to give it up.

Jess comes out wearing clothes from Schmidt's lost and found. Nick tells her
she really needs to go get her stuff from her ex. Jess says it's complicated. Nick throws her the basketball.
She breaks into song while dribbling, then throws the ball to schmidt. It misses and smashes the TV screen.

The guys are standing around looking at the broken TV. Jess apoplogizes and says she'll buy them a new one
but cannot afford it right now. Nick asks if she has a TV among the stuff she left with
Spencer, her ex. Jess says she does, but she can't go get it. She says it's complicared, and that she hasn't seen
Spencer since she caught him cheating, and she doesn't want to start any fights with him
because she'd like to be friends someday. Nick asks why she'd ever want to be friends with him.
Jess says Spencer has a power over her. The guys say they need a TV. Jess
says she will call Spencer and talk to him.

Jess is sitting on a bench in a park. Spencer rides up on his bike.

Schmidt, Nick, and Winston are eating in a restaurant. Winston asks Schmidt
if he think's he's been the "top dog" in the house since Winston left. Nick
asks Winston if the "top dog" always has the biggest room. Winston says every top dog is
different and asks Schmidt what kind he is. Schmidt says "the kind with the big room."

Jess and Spencer are talking on the park bench. Jess tells Spencer she needs her stuff back. Spencer
hushes her and says he needs something too.

Jess is driving her car with Spencer in the passenger seat and Rachelle, the girl
she caught Spencer cheating with in the back. Rachelle thanks Jess for driving her to the airport.
Rachelle and Spencer then begin singing along loudly to the song on the radio. Jess looks upset.

Jess is in a pawn shop looking at buying a TV. She thinks the price of the TV on sale
is too high and tries haggling with the owner. He won't budge on the price.

Nick and schmidt are sitting in the living room in front of the broken TV. Schmidt
asks Nick if he really thinks he is top dog. Nick says yes. Jess comes home, with her friend Cece.
Jess tells the guys she didn't get the TV. She has obviously been crying.
She tells the guys she drove Rachelle to the airport and they are shocked. Nick
says Jess needs to fight Spencer. Jess says she tries. Nick says he thinks that
Jess is afraid to because she knows that once she gets her stuff back, it's over for good.
Cece agrees. Jess says she really wants to move on. Nick tells her to get mad, and gets her hyped up.
Jess says she's ready and is going to go get her stuff. She then asks everyone to go with her.

Jess is driving. Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece are in the car with her. They arrive at Spencer's house.
Jess cannot stop, and does a few laps around the block. While they're in the car, Schmidt tells Winston he's onto him, and that he is
the top dog and that Winston needs to deal with it. Schmidt says Winston doesn't respect him, because if he
did he would've told him the small room is the top dog room. Jess finally parks.

Jess rings the doorbell and Spencer answers. He hugs her. Jess hugs him
back and her friends in the car groan. While she's hugging Spencer, Jess notices her
plants outside are in bad shape. She asks Spencer if he's watered them, he says he has not. Jess flips out,
picks up a flowerpot and throws it. She screams, and storms into the house.

Jess comes out of the house carrying the TV and several bags. Spencer follows her out, and Jess
tells him the shirt he is wearing is hers too. He disagrees. Jess drops the TV
and attacks Spencer, trying to get the shirt off of him. Her friends get out of the car, and Nick pulls
her off of Spencer. Cece goes in the house to get the rest of Jess' stuff.

Spencer says he won't give the shirt back, and points out a hat that has
fallen out of one of Jess' bags. He says he gave that to her and he's keeping
that too. Nick picks it up and puts it on and tells Spencer if he wants it, he's going to have to take it off of him.
Schmidt puts another of Jess' hats on and tells Spencer to give her the shirt back. Spencer tells Jess she's crazy for living with
the guys and that she should stay with him. Jess says she's glad Spencer cheated on him because it gave her a reason to leave, otherwise she'd
have married him and he'd have ended up hurting her worse down the line. She says
she is happy living with the guys and that she loves them. Winston picks up another hat, puts it on, and tells Spencer to give Jess
the shirt. Schmidt slaps Spencer in the face, and Spencer takes the shirt off. Cece comes out of the house with Jess' bike and a few more bags.
Jess and her friends take her stuff and leave.

Winston and Schmidt are carrying some of Jess' things into the apartment.
Winston tells Schmidt that he respects him and that he's been messing with him
trying to get his old room back, and that Schmidt can keep the big room.
Schmidt says he's not falling for his mind games and that he's taking the small room.
Winston cheers to himself when Schmidt walks away.

The roommates are on the couch watching their newly acquired TV. Nick asks what they want to watch.
Jess runs off a list of DVDs she owns. The guys are not impressed and all decide to go out. Schmidt comes back and tells Jess he wants to watch Curly Sue.