Prince - Recap

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Winston enters the living room and asks for Nick’s permission to move Jess’s panties. He insists he is just being respectful, as he moved them “hundreds of times” before Nick and Jess were a couple. The guys become creeped out, and argue about who should move the panties until Nick has an idea. Jess and Cece enter to find the guys huddled together, with Schmidt holding the underwear on a stick over a basket carried by Nick. Jess says she doesn’t care, because something exciting happened. In a flashback, a speeding car nearly hits Jess and Cece as they step off a curb. They yell at the driver, who backs up. Jess explains that the driver was apologetic, and is sending a limo to take them to a party hosted by her boss, Prince. Jess interrupts her celebratory dance with Cece to tell the guys, “That’s not my underwear.”

Jess gets ready for the party. Cece says the outfit isn’t working and whisks her away. Nick says he’s glad he isn’t going to the party because it would be too much pressure. Winston says it would have been Nick’s dream in high school. In a flashback, Nick stands onstage singing “1999” badly while dressed as Prince. In the present, Schmidt enters in a suit and tells Nick to change before the party. Coach says they are not invited. Schmidt is upset that he bought a $2000 suit. He explains that the party was supposed to help him get cooler friends. Cece and Jess return, and Nick tells Jess she looks great. She asks why Schmidt is dressed up, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

The guys help the ladies into the limo. Nick says to Jess, “Have fun. I love you.” A shocked Jess makes finger-gun gestures as the limo pulls away. She asks Cece if Nick just told her he loves her for the first time, and if she responded with finger guns. Cece replies affirmatively to both. The other guys pat Nick on the back before leaving him standing outside alone.

At Clyde’s bar, Coach declares that a man never says it first. Nick says it just slipped out. Winston asks Nick if he loves Jess, and he replies, “Of course I do.” However, he was waiting for the right time to say it. Winston says he always blurts it out, and is seen screaming, “I love you” at a woman during a date. Nick fears that he blew it. Winston says he can’t take it back, but Schmidt disagrees.

The guys wait in a line of cars outside Prince’s house. Nick feels they won’t get in because they aren’t in a limo. Nick accuses Coach of being weird and sexual about his car’s gas mileage, but he won’t stop talking about it. Nick angrily tells him to drive, as he has to tell his girlfriend he doesn’t love her so she won’t leave him.

Inside the party, Jess berates herself. Cece assures her she was just a little scared. Jess says that she says “I love you” all the time, and demonstrates by yelling it. A man replies, “And I love you!” He introduces himself as Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jess sarcastically claims she is an astronaut and dismisses him.

The guys wait in line outside, where Schmidt frets that the bouncer will never let them in. Winston and Coach suggest something called “Fire and Ice.” Nick says it worked in college, but won’t get them into Prince’s house. Coach approaches the bouncer and says he is on the list. Winston walks up, and they pretend to be long-lost friends and act very emotional. After a hug, Coach says it’s a great night and he hopes nothing ruins it. The bouncer lets them in. Schmidt suggests they do their own version, which Nick wants to call “Ham and Cheese.” He goes running toward the bouncer without rehearsing. Nick screws up, and Schmidt apologizes to the bouncer. Nick sneaks in with a bunch of models, but the bouncer won’t let Schmidt join them.

Nick finds Jess, who is very happy to see him. He says he needs to talk to her, and she says there is something she should have said earlier. She says, “Nick Miller, I…” but then passes out.

Outside, Nick asks Jess if she is okay as Cece, Coach and Winston look on. He notes that passing out is even worse than the finger guns. He says he is taking back what he said, as he blurted it out by accident. Jess is upset. Schmidt tries to make his way through a hedge above them. He falls onto the pavement, but is unharmed. Jess asks to talk to Nick alone, and asks if taking it back is how he really feels. Nick asks how she feels. A voice says hello, and they turn to see Prince. He asks what’s wrong, but they just stare at him. He apologizes and offers them time to freak out. Nick lets out a high-pitched scream and faints.

Nick and Jess sit on a bench with Prince between them. Prince asks to talk Jess alone. Nick is uncertain, but Jess convinces him to go. Prince asks Jess if she likes pancakes.

Schmidt enters the house, but the bouncer runs after him. Schmidt asks Cece for help. He hides his face in her cleavage. The bouncer runs past them. Cece says the bouncer is gone, but Schmidt insists he will come back and leaves his face in her cleavage. Schmidt thanks her, and they dance. Cece comments on his plans to leave them all behind.

Coach and Winston share their fake tale of woe with two models, who seem to be buying it. A drunken Nick shows up and announces that Jess is with Prince. He sends the women away, much to his friends’ chagrin. Nick talks about what a terrible day he’s had and says he wants to dance. Winston points out that he can’t, but Nick yells, “Let’s tear the roof off this joint and show Prince how WE do!”

Prince and Jess eat pancakes in the kitchen. Prince theorizes that Jess can’t tell Nick she loves him because she is scared. Jess says she is worried about losing him. Prince says this is stupid. Jess blurts out, “You’re stupid!” but he forgives her. He tells her, “Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for.” Jess says she wants to be more like Prince. He tells her to finish her pancakes so they can get to work.

Jess tries on outfits until she finds one that meets with Prince’s approval. She practices saying the word “love.” He creams her at ping pong. They watch a butterfly, and he asks if she understands. She says she does. She changes her mind after he points to his shoulder and the butterfly lands there. Prince tricks Jess into going into a small darkened room. She yells that she’s afraid of the dark. He tells her to stop being afraid.

Nick dances in the middle of a crowded floor. Prince tells Jess to go find Nick. He whispers something meaningful, but she can’t hear him, so he has to repeat it.

Two women invite Schmidt to the V.I.P. room, but he is distracted by Cece and Coach yelling at Winston, who has a lemon in his mouth. Schmidt teases his friends, before asking Cece for a lemon. Instead of holding it in his mouth, he eats it.

Jess walks downstairs and approaches Nick. He tells her he’s not sorry about what he said at the limo. Jess whispers something, but he can’t hear her. She yells, “I love you! I love you, Nick Miller!” and they kiss. Prince appears onstage and gestures for Jess to sing with him. She invites her friends to join her. They all dance.

Back at the loft, Coach, Nick, Jess, Schmidt and Winston try to process what happened. Coach asks Jess how she knew the words. “I think Prince is magic,” she explains. She wonders where Cece is.

At the mansion, Cece and Prince play ping pong. She smashes the ball past him. Prince tosses his paddle aside and storms off.