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5 (More) of the Worst TV Series Finales Ever


5 (More) of The Worst TV Series Finales Ever


Because we’ve invested so much time into a series, when it finally does bid adieu, we expect to be satisfied. We count on loose ends being tied up, on-and-off couples to go back on, for the bad guy to get his comeuppance and, yeah, maybe a baby or two is born. Bottom line: we expect a happy ending, or at least one, that will make the hole in our TV viewing experience that much easier to swallow.

So when our favorite show’s ultimate finale fails to give us any of the above, and instead leaves us hollow, empty, confused, and disappointed, well, there’s just no worse feeling in the world for a TV viewer. You think to yourself, “I invested eight seasons of my life for this?!” and then you think of all the other things you could have been doing on a Thursday night – reading, knitting, petting blind kittens – other than watching a sitcom about nothing.

I already listed five of some of the worst TV series finales last week, but due to popular demand – and because there seems to be an awful lot of bad TV series finales out there – here’s five more terribly, awful TV series finales.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ – Series Finale: Feb. 6, 1984

 5 (More) of The Worst TV Series Finales Ever

For a show that was basically sunshine and rainbows and all about the simple things in life, it sure ended with a (depressing) bang. In the series finale, the town of Walnut Grove is revealed to have been built on land owned by a railroad tycoon. Though Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) and his family had dealt with typhus and damaged crops, this one took the cake. When the tycoon brings Union soldiers to force the residents from their land, they decide they’re going to leave their way, and blow up the town in a “take that, sucker!” send-off. Well, at least, we definitely knew the series was over, but it still left us thinking, “You just blew up your homes, people! Now what?!” 

‘St. Elsewhere’ – Series Finale: May 25, 1988

 5 (More) of The Worst TV Series Finales Ever

This series ender surely lands in the “WTF” category. The medical drama, set in a teaching hospital, ran for six successful seasons, won a bunch of Emmys, and launched the careers of Denzel Washington, Helen Hunt and Howie Mandel. It was a pretty prestigious show, to say the least, so it’s super weird and unsettling that the show’s final episode would reveal that the entire series was nothing but the imaginings of an autistic child named Tommy (who?!). In fact, the whole hospital was actually inside this kid’s snow globe. WTF, indeed. Fans felt ripped off, and, really, who could blame them?

‘The X-Files’ – Series Finale: May 19, 2002

 5 (More) of The Worst TV Series Finales Ever

I was a huge fan of the show – in fact, I was a hardcore X-Phile – but even I have to admit that the series ending left something to be desired. Sure, it was great to finally have Mulder (David Duchovny) back where he belonged – right alongside Scully (Gillian Anderson), fighting the good fight for the “truth” – but that’s probably the only highlight of the episode (besides Mulder and Scully getting all snuggly). It was ambiguous and confusing, with too many loose ends. I know series creator Chris Carter was hoping all would be revealed with later spin-offs and follow-up movies, but even after two movies and ‘The Lone Gunmen,’ the truth is still out there.

‘The Sopranos’ – Series Finale: June 10, 2007

5 (More) of The Worst TV Series Finales Ever 

It was the “cut to black” at the end of the episode that divides people from thinking this was either a great ending or an aggravating one. As the Soprano family sits around a table in a diner and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” is heard, tension builds and fans are left wondering: will the family be knocked off? Will Tony dispense some sage advice to his family? But, then we cut to black, and what becomes of the Soprano family is left forever unknown. Many viewers at the time thought their TV stopped working because we had to have been missing some kind of scene, some kind of closure…right?! Wrong, suckers. The credits started to roll, and fans of the show have been angry ever since. 

Lost’ – Series Finale: May 23, 2010

 5 (More) of The Worst TV Series Finales Ever

After six seasons of intricate storylines, a never-ending series of loose ends, and questions about the true nature of the island, it was revealed that the inhabitants were indeed lost in the worst possible way – they were actually in purgatory. Instead of answering the die-hard questions that fans had been waiting years (and endured a very long finale) for, everything was smoothed over with the overly simple (and empty) “they were in limbo” explanation, leaving fans more confused and lost than ever before. Thanks a lot, Damon.

- Lost
- St. Elsewhere
- The Sopranos
- The X-Files
- Little House on the Prairie (1974)

Written by: briannehogan
May 19th, 2014, 5:38 am

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Message Posted On Aug 16th, 2014, 9:29 am
If they added Jericho here i would have cried more because of memories being woken. I really wish they can remake This RV series, it was simply fantastic,.

Message Posted On May 29th, 2014, 7:04 pm
the sopranos ends like that because someone comes out of that bathroom and shoots tony in the head. "...And it just goes to black",or something like that, it's mentioned in the previous episodes when they're discussing death and how it all ends. It is a better ending. Witsec is overdone to death. Sorry, dorks

Message Posted On May 27th, 2014, 3:22 pm
what about las vegas i hate how that ended

Message Posted On May 22nd, 2014, 8:03 am
lost has the worst ending ever.... and because of the ending it became one of the worst series shown
Clued In

Message Posted On May 22nd, 2014, 4:50 am
Purgatory is not the same as Limbo. The whole point was that THIS version of Purgatory was REAL. It had a physical presence unlike the biblical limbo you believe in. The lost souls were sent to it to complete their lives and do what they needed to do before going on. Why do you think each one disappeared when they did?? It was only when they had completed what they needed to do. Finally, Ben stayed behind not because he was new. Ben was there for decades not months or years like most of them but unlike the others he has mostly been a bad person. He knows where he would go if he left now so he stays.

Message Posted On May 22nd, 2014, 4:49 am
How is Dexter not on this list? I mean the series was just great but the ending was one of the worst I have ever seen. Third Watch has the best ending I have seen so far.
Clued In

Message Posted On May 22nd, 2014, 4:38 am
Regarding the St. Elsewhere Series Finale, they left clues throughout the entire series. Any "fan" who feels that was was never paying attention. Even the name it's it a clue. It might as well have been call St. Dreamland but you'd still claim there was no clue. I'd really hate for you to have seen how Awake would have ended. In either case, you could not help feeling some disappointment. It's on purpose, not by accident.

Message Posted On May 22nd, 2014, 4:20 am
You can now add Revolution to the list.

Level 1 (77%)
Points: 7.8
Since: 19/Dec/12
Message Posted On May 21st, 2014, 12:52 am

Just for the fans of The Sopranos.

The actual ending was cut because the idiots thought it would work better that way, they where wrong.The following is just the outline of what was removed by the fools.

Several minutes after the daughter enters and sits down, a WitSec Agent walks in the dinner and sits down with the family. They discus what is going to happen and both the children are not happy but accept that unless they all go in to Witness Protection, they will probibly all be dead with in the year. Tony hands over a key to a storage shed that has every thing he agreed to give them for protecting his family. Several other Agents walk in and then they all leave. As AJ is the last to leave the dinner, the camera follows him to the door and when the door closes, the camera zoom in on the Closed sign on the door. As the screem fades to black you here car doors closing and several cars driving off. THE END

Just hope this soothes some of the extreamly ruffeled feathers over how they RE-Edited this for a so called, better ending. It's been long enough, I don't know why they havent released the original ending in a special DVD. Fans would snap them up like they where made of Platinume.


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Since: 16/Jan/13
Message Posted On May 20th, 2014, 4:10 pm

I'm going to make one last comment here, I'm wrondering if I can say this without sounding like an asshole.


The answer is I can't. If you thought the Lost finale sucked, I think you're stupid, I truly think you lack basic comprehension skills and critical thinking skills, cause if you thought questions were left unanswered, I can't think of any other explanation besides that, no question was left unanswered except for why Michael's son (whatever his name was) was "special".


Or I think you're taking out your frustrations with season 6 as a whole on to the finale. I thought all but 2 episodes in season 6 were subpar, but the finale definitely was not.


Have a nice day.

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