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LIVE: The Commonwealth Games 2014 - Opening Ceremony!

Join us tonight for live updates from Celtic Park, Glasgow as the opening ceremony of this years 'Commonwealth Games' gets underway.

Artist Impression Opening Games

7.54pm Matt Baker and Alex Jones are closing tonight's 'The One Show' with a performance from Amy MacDonald and clips from past 'Commonwealth' Games.

 8.00pm 'On Your Marks, Get Set, Glasgow!' as we see BBC's latest ident celebrating the sporting event in Scotland. Billy Connolly is the first voice we hear as we see the story of Glasgow.

8.03pm Gary Linekar introduces tonight's coverage. Reminiscing on the past two games that Edinburgh has hosted, with Hazel Irvine joining him talking about Manchester's games in 2002.

8.05pm Hazel is happy that the weather is at 25 degrees, the hottest day Scotland has had in a while. The presenters tonight are joined by Chris Hoy and Rebecca Adlington in the studio. Chris Hoy says he's 'absolutely buzzing', whilst Rebecca says 'It's time for the new generation of athletes to come through'.

8.07pm Huw Edwards and Clare Balding are reporting live from inside the stadium. Huw's on the tracks talking about how important this year is for the people of Scotland, with the upcoming vote on independence. He's said not to expect something on the same scale as the London opening ceremony in 2012.

Clare is backstage meeting some of the events numerous volunteers who will be part of the show tonight.

8.10pm We follow the baton's final day as the Queens baton relay will conclude tonight. Mark Beaumont has a report on the baton's tour.

8.14pm Eddie Butler looks at the evolution of the games.

8.21pm Gary, Hazel, Chris and Rebecca are discussing what events they are looking forward to, as we anticipate the launch of the games within the next half an hour. Hazel says goodbye to Rebecca but we are told it's not the last we will be seeing of Chris tonight.

8.22pm A look at some of the athletes and events taking part in the next week and a half of sporting action.

8.24pm Clare is in the stadium chatting to David Wilkie, the double Gold winning medallist in swimming in the 1974 games. She also chats to boxer, Barry McGuigan a 1978 Boxing gold medallist. Clare also chats to runner Kelly Holmes, who was a Champion in both 1994 and 2002.

8.28pm Sarah Mack is live at Glasgow Green, home to one of three giant screens erected across Scotland, featuring coverage of the games. We see LuLu performing on the stage at the Green. As Gary gives viewing options to UK viewers, with 6 red button services available on some providers and updates available on mobile phones.

8.31pm Andrew Cotter has a report on the controversial Scottish games of 1986, which went ahead with only half of the countries competing, as many other countries boycotted the games.

8.33pm Gary and Hazel have now been joined by athletes, Liz McCogan-Nuttall and Allan Wells discussing their experiences as competing athletes in games gone by.

8.36pm Clare is on the track talking to paralympic Tanni Grey-Thompson who's talking about the paralympic events which will feature this year as part of the games.

8.39pm Billy Connolly reveals more on his connection to the city of Glasgow and the cities history.

8.48pm Clare chats to Susan Boyle who gives some backstage gossip about her performance tonight.

8.53pm Gary discusses the games with Daley Thompson and Ian Thorpe.

8.58pm A opening film for this years ceremony, featuring athletes preparing for the games and scenes of Glasgow on a night-time. Gary hands over to Hazel and Huw who will be commentating on tonights ceremony.

9.00pm Ewan McGregor interrupts the countdown to this years opening ceremony. Announcing the partnership between the games and Unicef. He then introduces the opening ceremony. Another flm showing shots of Glasgow, with a countdown put together from people across Scotland.

9.03pm John Barrowman joins a famous Scottish comedian Karen Dunbar in a musical ode to the host country.

9.12pm Karen is now introducing the ceremony. Referencing the Queens relay and the athletes entrance. She then welcomes the viewers from across the Commonwealth, as we see a film of Scottish people welcoming us to the games, set to a song by Amy MacDonald.

9.16pm We return to the arena, as Amy and the people of Glasgoiw perform in the now empty arena. Rod Stewart is introduced by Amy and the crowd goes wild!

9.20pm Commentator Muriel Grey introduces the flags of the host country, the Australian flag and the Indian flag. She also introduces the event organisers and head of the Commonwealth, who will be meeting the Queen as Susan Boyle performs 'Mull of Kintyre', with musical accompaniment of the Scottish Regiment and representatives of the Breymar Highland Gathering.

9.23pm The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive at the ceremony. With the Red Arrows flying over the stadium.

9.26pm The Breymar Gathering Party invite the audience to sing along to the National Anthem, with Robbie Shepherd leading the song.

9.28pm A dance interlude with a performance off-stage of the Proclaimers 'I Would Walk 500 Miles', as Sophie Harrison and Chris Martin from the Scottish ballet perform.

9.30pm Live from the River Clyde, Mark Beaumont runs the Queens baton into the stadium.

9.34pm Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has used a classic clip of a famous Scottish song as numerous volunteers perform a dance with chairs.

9.36pm The athletes parade begins with India, Scottish terriers lead each country in, wearing the flag of the country, followed by the athletes competing.

9.39pm Ewan MacGregor interrupts the parade, with Katie from Glasgow's report for Unicef as she heads to India to see the work the charity does in the country. This is part of Unicef's International Interactive appeal. At the end of tonight's parade, viewers from across the planet are been asked to donate at the end of the parade. Sachin Tendulkar joins Katie encouraging viewers to donate.

9.41pm Mylo is introduced as the nights DJ. The athletes parade continues with Bangladesh, Malaysia, the Maldives, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

9.46pm Unicef ambassador Keeley Hawes shares another charity report for Unicef and the children who should be getting vaccinations, that aren't and are suffering because of it.

9.47pm The parade continues with Australia entering the stadium. Following Australia are the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Northern Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Soloman Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

9.58pm Chris Hoy introduces the next Unicef film, as he meets a Scottish Doctor who works in India.

9.59pm Botswana is the next country in the parade. Followed by Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Mahali, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

10.12pm Reggie Yates has a report for Unicef from Jamaica. We follow the story of Jamaican children who have no access to education.

10.14pm The parade continues with Anguilla entering. They are followed by Antigua & Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, Greneda, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and Turks and Caicos Islands.

10.24pm Nicole Scherzinger presents a report with a woman from Glasgow, as they meet disabled children who receive help from Unicef.

10.26pm The parade continues with Belize. They are followed by Bermuda, Canada, the Falkland Islands, Guyana and St. Helena.

10.32pm Colin Jackson was joined by a Glaswegian as they tell the story of baby's born too early and the care Unicef provides, alongside Sir Alex Ferguson.

10.34pm The parade continues with Cyprus, England, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, Northern Ireland, Wales and ends with host country Scotland.

10.52pm With all the athletes now in place. Rod Stewart returns to the stage to perform 'Can't Stop Me Now'.

10.56pm Chris Hoy and actor James McAvoy present the next segment of the international interactive Unicef segment, live in the stadium. James tells the audience that tonight "Every Single one of us has the chance to save a Childs life". Viewers across the Commonwealth are then prompted to make a donation by text. This segment is closed by Jessica, a child already helped by Unicef.

10.59pm An emotional musical number now, sang by children from around the Commonwealth,  comprised of the National youth choir of Scotland onstage and 2000 children from around 80 countries projected onto the huge screen.

11.02pm We go live to the International Space Station, were the American astronauts on board share a message for viewers of the Commonwealth games.

11.03pm Nicola Benedetti, a Scottish violonist performs. She continues to perform as the Commonwealth flag is raised by representatives of each Commonwealth state - Chantal Petitclerc, Nicol David, Kip Keino, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, Ian Thorpe and Graeme Randall.

11.09pm Billy Connolly gives an address regarding Nelson Mandela's passing, since this is the first gathering of the Commonwealth since his passing.

11.11pm Billy introduces South African, Pamosa who performs a traditional Scottish army song.

11.15pm The Coaches, Athletes and Officials make the Commonwealth pledge. Representing the athletes are Mikhail Huggins and Libby Clegg. The coaches are represented by Donald McIntosh and the officials by Victor Keelan.

11.16pm Tributes are paid to those who lost their lives on Malaysian air flight MH17 last week, Alex Salmond leads the tributes with a minutes silence.

11.19pm Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow Council makes a speech next, welcoming the athletes and viewers.

11.22pm Prince Imran, the president of the Commonwealth gives a speech regarding the upcoming games.

11.25pm The child from Jamaica who closed the Unicef messages earlier, runs the baton into the stadium. She hands the baton to a team of Scottish athletes and volunteers. Sir Chris Hoy hands the baton to Prince Imran, who struggles to open the baton to read the message. Chris steps in and helps out.

11.31pm The Queen gives her address to the Commonwealth.

11.33pm The Queen declares the Games officially open.

11.34pm Huw reassures viewers that donations to the Unicef appeal, may have a delayed confirmation text, as their's huge pressure on the servers.

11.35pm Scottish band, Primal Scream plays as the fireworks on the River Clyde and in the Stadium go off.

11.38pm Gary Linekar, Daley Thompson and Allan Wells discuss the opening ceremony back in the studio and reveal what events they are looking forward to watching.

11.40pm Thus concludes the evenings coverage of the opening ceremony. Coverage of the games can be caught in the UK across BBC One, Two and Three (with BBC Three airing daily coverage from it's extended 9am start time). The games will air daily in Australia across Ten and one. Whilst daily highlights shows will air in Canada on CBC and in America on CBS Sports Network.

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