EXCLUSIVE: Young Actress Mimi Kirkland Talks 'Murder in the First'

Mimi Kirkland

Are you ready for the cutest interview I have ever done? I don’t think you are. The TNT drama ‘Murder in the First’ deals with some very serious subject matter and it has been both engaging and thrilling to watch the storyline unfold over the past seven episodes. With a stellar cast including Taye Diggs, Tom Felton and Kathleen Robertson the show pretty much sold itself to me. However, even the supporting cast has been knocking it out of the park with their performances. Up and coming young actress Mimi Kirkland appears in ‘Murder in the First’ as he daughter of Hildy Mulligan and she is exactly as sweet and adorable in real life as her character is on the screen. I got to chat with her earlier today about her first experience working on a television show.

TVRage: Has acting in a television show been very different from your experience working on ‘Safe Haven’? Which one have you liked better?

Mimi Kirkland: Well it is hard to pick favourites because I think there are good parts of both experiences. For one I worked mostly in a studio and one I worked outside on location. I liked both of them because I like to work in the studio and outside!

TVRage: Louise seems very mature for her age, are you similar to Louise at all?

Mimi: Yes! A lot of the character that I play are very similar to me, but sometimes I still have to think outside of the box a little bit.

TVRage: Do you think you and Louise would be friends if you knew each other in real life?

Mimi: Yeah! I would love to be Louise’s friend!

TVRage: Why do you think Louise is so worried about her mother working as a cop?

Mimi: I think she is worried that her mom might not come home one day because cops have guns and there are criminals. She is worried that her mom might get hurt! I think maybe her mom’s divorce has something to do with it too.

TVRage: After being in this show do you think you would ever want to work as a cop?

Mimi: (laughs) No, probably not! I like acting!

Louise and her mother bake a cake on 'Murder in the First'

TVRage: What has been your favourite scene to shoot so far for ‘Murder in the First’?

Mimi: That’s an easy one! What I liked doing the most was when we got to bake a cake in the third or fourth episode! (Laughs) We got to eat the cake after!

TVRage: What do you like to do on set when you aren’t filming?

Mimi: If it is during the school year we have to do school work. I live in Raleigh and they are shooting ‘Murder in the First’ in California, so I go to school here when we are not filming.

TVRage: Do you know what the verdict is going to be on tonight's episode?

Mimi: I am not sure, I have no idea!

Tonight’s episode of ‘Murder in the First’ promises to be a big one. Everything is going to come to a head in the trial and the verdict is going to be announced. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what happens and hope to see much more of Mimi Kirkland both on this series and in the future as her star continues to rise. You can follow Mimi on Twitter for more adorable tidbits at @MimiKirkland and catch ‘Murder in the First’ tonight at 10 pm on TNT.

- Mimi Kirkland
- Murder In The First

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Jul 28th, 2014, 3:34 pm

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