Rage Ratings Review: Weekend Edition: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th August - UK

Friday Highlights

Coronation Street Friday

On Friday, 'Coronation Street' saw Jim McDonald make his return to the soap in a double bill at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV. The soap got the highest ratings of the day, with 6.6 million viewers (a 35.6% share) tuning in at 7.30 and 6.4 million viewers watching at 8.30pm (a 32.3% share). 'EastEnders' aired on BBC one at 8pm, with Cora exposing Rainy's court case to the residents of the Square, attracting 5.8 million viewers (a 30.5% share). 'Emmerdale' at 7 on ITV, saw David feeling left out and attracted 5.4 million viewers (a 32.0% share). Other highlights included 'Walter' on BBC one at 9pm, attracting 2.7 mllliion viewers (a 14.2% share) at 9pm, and the 'Big Brother' surprise double eviction on Channel 5 at 9pm, attracting 1.3 million viewers (a 7.2% share of the audience).

Saturday Highlights

Casualty The Love You Take

On Saturday 'Casualty' was the most viewed programme of the day, in an episode that saw Lofty and Cal get creative as they tried to reunite a family. The episode aired on BBC one at 8.50pm, attracting 3.9 million viewers (a 21.0% audience share). New gymnastics realty show 'Tumble' aired earlier that night on the channel at 6.30pm, attracting 3.2 million viewers (a 20.7% share). On ITV an episode of 'Tipping Point: Lucky Stars' with Jon Culshaw, Jenni Falconer and Jason Gardiner taking part, aired at 7.45pm, attracting 2.8 million viewers (a 16.0% share). 'Big Brother' aired at 9pm on Channel 5 and attracted 1 million viewers (a 5.4% share of the audience).

Sunday Primetime

Countryfile Summer SpecialOn BBC One at 8pm, 'Countryfile' aired a Summer Special from the Cotswold County Show attracting 5.6 million viewers (a 25.4% share of the audience). At 9pm, the first episode of the second series of 'The Village' attracted 4.6 million viewers (a 20.7% share). Later at 10.25pm, 'Match of the Day' aired Community Shield highlighs attracting 2.4 million viewers (a 16.8% share).

On BBC Two, a new episode of 'Dragons Den' featuring a gourmet marshmallow treat pitch attracted 2.2 million viewers (a 9.9% share) at 8pm. At 9pm 'James May's Cars of the People' looked at how dictators began mobilising the nation with 2.4 million viewers (a 10.9% share).

The Game Show StoryOver on itv at 7.00pm, 'Come On Down! The Game Show Story' opened with 2.9 million viewers at 7pm (a 15.4% share). 'The Zoo' began it's fourth series at 8pm with an episode featuring the life-saving surgery on a pygmy. The episode attracted 2.3 million viewers (a 10.3% share). The first episode of 'The Great War: The People's Story' aired at 9pm, attracting 1.8 million viewers (a 8.2% share).

The Mill Series 2, Episode 4Channel 4's final episode of 'Tom's Fantastic Floating Home' aired at 7pm, attracting 741,000 viewers (a 3.8% share). This was followed by 'The Mill' at 8pm as Esther reached the final stages of her pregnancy, attracting 1.4 million viewers (a 6.2% share). At 9pm 'Child Genius' saw the highest scoring contestants take part in advanced mental testing, attracting 1.7 million viewers (a 7.7% share).

On Channel 5, 'Caught with Their Fingers in the Till' aired at 8pm, attracting 1.1 million viewers (a 5.0% share). Whilst 'Big Brother' aired at 9pm, with the remaining contestants taking part in a ultimate task assault course, attracting 1.3 million viewers (a 4.3% share).

All ratings provided by are overnight ratings and are not consolidated.

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