Rage Ratings Review: Thursday 14th August - UK


Brian Blessed Who Do You Think You AreOn BBC One at 7pm, 'The One Show' saw Russ Abbott join Alex and Matt in the studio, attracting 3.2 million viewers (a 17.8% share). At 8pm, a edited version of daytime favourite 'The Sheriffs Are Coming' attracted 3.1 million viewers (a 15.6% share). Whilst at 9pm, 'Who Do You Think You Are?' featured the actor Brian Blessed, attracting 4.6 million viewers (a 22.8% share).

On BBC Two, the day was filled with coverage of the European Athletics Championships, but at 9pm a new episode of 'The Honourable Woman' aired, as Nessa pressed ahead with the cabling partnership, attracting 1.5 million viewers (a 7.5% share).

Over on itv at 7.30pm, 'Tonight' looked at the waiting list at some GP practises, attracting 2.4 million viewers (a 12.6% share). 'Harbour Lives' aired at 8.30pm, with Ben meeting the country's oldest pilot, attracting 2.3 million viewers (a 11.5% share). At 9pm, the second episode of 'Kids With Cameras: Diary of a Children's Ward', featured a child suffering with juvenile arthiritis, attracting 1.4 million viewers (a 7.3% share).


Embarassing Bodies MagalufThe opening episode of the 21st series of 'Location, Location, Location' saw Phil & Kirstie help out property buyers in Kent and Royal Tunbridge Wells, attracting 1.7 million viewers at 8pm, a 8.4% share of the audience. At 9pm, 'Embarassing Bodies' continued to look at the effects of over-indulging on holiday in Magaluf, attracting 1.3 million viewers (a 6.4% share). At 10pm, the 'First Time Farmers' had to help nurse ill calves back to full health, attracting 549,300 viewers (a 3.5% share).



Big Brother Day 70On Channel 5, at 8pm 'Countdown to Murder' looked at the case of Rebecca Thorpe, who's body was found in a chest freezer in 2010, attracting 1.2 million viewers (a 6.0% share). At 9pm, 'The Last Secrets of 9/11' looked at the story of the recovery of the city after the horrific attacks, attracting 1.2 million viewers (a 5.9% share). 'Big Brother' aired at 10pm, with ex-housemates giving the finalists media training and then joining them for a party, attracting 1.3 million viewers (a 8.0% share). 'Big Brother's Bit on the Side' followed at 11pm, with Rylan been joined by Matt Johnson, Sam Evans and Emma Kennedy, attracting 628,600 viewers (a 6.6% share).


Aaron's Back Emmerdale'Doctors' aired on BBC one at 1.45pm, as Daniel and Tori stepped up their dance rehearsals, attracting 1.3 million viewers (a 17.4% share). Later at 7.30pm, Ian's appeal aired on the local news on 'EastEnders' at 7.30pm, attracting 5.7 million viewers (a 30.6% share). 'Emmerdale' aired Donna's last episodes, in a double bill which also saw Aaron make his return to the soap. The 7pm episode attracted 5.7 million viewers (a 31.4% share), with the later 8pm episode attracting the highest ratings of the night, with 6.1 million viewers tuning in (a 30.3% share of the audience). Channel 4's 'Hollyoaks' aired at 6.30pm, with the college students receiving their results, attracting 931,300 viewers (a 5.7% share). On Channel 5, the 1.15pm airing of 'Home & Away' saw Marilyn and John move in together, attracting 209,300 viewers (a 2.7% share), with the primetime repeat of the episode at 6pm, attracting 576,200 viewers (a 3.9% share). The 1.45pm episode of 'Neighbours' saw Lucy Robinson return, attracting 585,400 viewers (a 8.0% share), the later 5.30pm repeat attracted 811,500 viewers (a 6.5% share of the audience)

All ratings provided by are overnight ratings and are not consolidated.

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