Rage Ratings Review: Saturday 16th August - UK

Casualty 16th August 2014On BBC one last night, the evenings entertainment began with a new episode of 'Pointless Celebrities' featuring Stefan Dennis, Rebekah Elmaloglou, Laila Morse, Nina Wadia, Deena Payne, Claire King, Ray Quinn and Louis Emerick , at 5.40pm, attracting 3.3 million viewers, a 22.7% share. This was followed by the first elimination in the second episode of 'Tumble' at 6.30pm, in which TV presenter Andrea McLean left the compettion, attracting 3.3 million, a 20.2% share. At 8pm, 'The National Lottery: Break the Safe' aired attracting 3.4 million viewers, a 19.2% share. Followed by bickering brothers in Casualty at 8.50pm, attracting 4.3 million viewers, a 22.2% share. The evenings highest rated programme was a repeat showing of 'Mrs Browns Boys' that followed at 9.45pm, attracting 4.8 million viewers, a 26.6% share. After the news, 'Match of the Day' returned for it's 50th series, attracting 3.7 million viewers, a 29.2% share, at 10.30pm. This was followed by 'The Football League Show' at 11.55pm, attracting 757,700 viewers, a 14.8% share.

Andrew Marr's Great ScotsOn BBC Two, the day was again heavily dominated by athletics coverage, but at 7pm, 'Proms Extra' attracted 328,400 viewers, a 2.0% share.  A classic episode of 'Dads Army' aired at 7.45pm, attracting 1.3 million viewers, a 7.2% share. 'Great War Diaries' aired at 8.15pm, as an Australian piano teacher attempted to escape, attracting 823,400 viewers, a 4.5% share. At 9.15pm, Andrew Marr looked at the story of Scottish writer, James Boswell in the opening episode of 'Andrew Marr's Great Scots: The Writers Who Shaped A Nation', the show attracted 662,300 viewers, a 3.6% share. This was followed by a repeat of 'QI XL' at 10.20pm, attracting 800,800 viewers, a 5.1% share of the audience.

Tipping Point: Lucky Stars, Jamelia, Ashley Roberts, Jeff BrazierOn itv, after a repeat of 'You've Been Framed and Famous' aired at 6.45pm, attracting 2.4 million viewers, a 14.8% share, 'Tipping Point: Lucky Stars' aired at 7.45pm featuring Ashley Roberts, Jeff Brazier and Jamelia, attracting 3.3 million viewers, a 18.2% share. At 8.45pm, a repeat of 'All Star Family Fortunes' attracted 2.9 million viewers, a 15.0% share. This was followed at 9.50pm, by the film 'Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back', which attracted 1.1 million viewers, a 6.3% share.

Channel 4's Saturday night offering featured a repeat of 'Grand Designs' at 7.05pm attracting 832,000 viewers (a 4.9% share). Other then that the night featured movies 'Iron Man' at 8pm, attracting 1.7 million viewers (a 9.0% share), and 'District 9' at 10.25pm, attracting 358,600 viewers, a 3.2% share.

Tv's Nastiest VillainsOn Channel 5, 'Cricket on 5' aired at 7pm, with highlights of the second day of England taking on India in the 2nd test from the Kia Oval, attracting 987,800 viewers, a 5.9% share. This was followed at 8pm by a repeat of 'The Last Secrets of 9/11' which attracted 495,200 viewers, a 2.8% share. At 9pm 'TV's Nastiest Villains with Joan Collins' attracted 363,600 viewers, a 2.3% share.

All ratings provided by are overnight ratings and are not consolidated.

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