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Rage Ratings Review: Sunday 17th - Monday 18th August - UK

Sunday Highlights

On BBC on Sunday night, 'Countryfile' attracted the highest audience of the day at 8pm, with 5.1 million viewers tuning in (a 23.8% share). 'Antiques Roadshow' also faired well at 7pm, attracting 4.2 million viewers (a 22.0% share). 'The Village' aired at 9pm, attracting 3.9 million viewers, a 18.3% share. BBC Two also had a good night with 'Dragons Den' attracting 2.6 million viewers (a 12.3% share) at 8pm and 'James May's Cars of the People' attracting 2.6 million viewers (a 12.1% share) at 9pm. itv's new episode of 'The Zoo' attracted 2.5 million viewers at 8pm, a 11.5% share, whilst at 7pm, 'Come on Down! The Game Show Story' attracted 2.4 million viewers, a 12.8% share. Channel 4's top performing programme of the day was 'Richard III: The New Evidence' airing at 9pm, attracting 1.6 million viewers, a 7.7% share. Whilst Channel 5's top rated programme, was the movie 'Safe' airing at 9pm, attracting 2 million viewers, a 10.3% share.

Monday Highlights

'EastEnders' was the highest rated BBC programme of the night, with 6 million viewers tuning into the 8pm episode, a 27.7% share. 'New Tricks' began it's new series on Monday night on BBC one, attracting 5.8 million viewers at 9pm, a 25.0% share of the audience. Earlier in the evening 'The One Show' attracted 3.9 million viewers, a 21.9% share. 'University Challenge' aired on BBC Two, attracting 2.5 million viewers at 8pm, a 11.9% share. itv's top rated programmes were the soaps with 'Coronation Street' attracting the largest audience of the day, with 7 million tuning into the 8.30pm showing (a 32.1% share) and 7 million tuning into the earlier 7.30pm episode (a 36.0% share). 'Emmerdale' also performed well at 7pm, attracting 6 million viewers, a 33.5% share. The highest rated programme on Channel 4 was 'Royal Marines Commando School' attracting 1.7 million viewers at 9pm, a 7.2% share. On Channel 5, 'Celebrity Big Brother' 14 launched at 9.05pm, attracting 2.4 million viewers, a 12.6% share. The 5 minute preview of 'Gotham' that preceded the show at 9.00pm, attracted 1.6 million viewers, a 7.2% share.


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