Manhattan Love Story Cancelled

ABC has canceled it's new comedy 'Manhattan Love Story'. The network announced the news on October 24, 2014. The show was axed after just four episodes, making it the first of the 2014 fall season to be canceled.

The series struggled with its ratings since it's premiere on September 30, 2014, falling way below the rest of ABC's series that premiered this fall. 

'Manhattan Love Story' followed a new couple and the questions they were really wanting to ask from the moment that they met.

ABC will air new back-to back episodes of its other brand new comedy 'Selfie' in the timeslot 'Manhattan Love Story'' was airing, beginning November 4, 2014.

Are you sad to see 'Manhattan Love Story' go?

- Jake McDorman
- Analeigh Tipton
- Manhattan Love Story

Written by: Patience Janaury
Oct 26th, 2014, 5:57 pm

Image courtesy of ABC


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Message Posted On Nov 10th, 2014, 10:40 pm

Audences and studios alike all expect to find another Friends, Sinfield or Every Loves Raymond.

These shows where great but are not an every day occurance.

At this time there are a dozzen shows like this on and some of them just wont make it for one reason or another and unfortunitly this one didn't, despite the good acting and querky nature of the cast.


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That was quick, indeed. The first episode was a bit weird, but it was getting better. 


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Wow! This cancelation thing is getting ridiculous; they don't even give the show a full season, why they air a show if they cancel after 4 episodes stop wasting viewer’s time!

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