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Magnum Opus - The Sleepy Hollow Recap

Ichabod and Abbie are playing a game of "Heads Up?", much to Ichabod's irritation. Abbie says that they're trying to distract the conscious mind and let the subconscious make connections using Grace Dixon's diary and the weapon Lori said was contained within it. Ichabod finally gives up, just as Katrina makes contact with them via the mirror. She tells them that she failed her mission and Moloch still lives, because he's grown too strong. Katrina warns that in less than two days, the maturing Moloch will soon be able to rule the world. Ichabod tells her that they've found a weapon that can stop Moloch, but Katrina is forced to break the connection when she hears Henry coming.

Henry comes into the room and touches the mirror, and "reads" the words that Ichabod said about a weapon.

In the archive, Ichabod goes back over the diary and finds a reference to the "chosen words" of the Watchers. He realizes that it's a coded reference to fallen angels, or demons,, and works out that "chosen words" is an anagram for "Enoch's Sword." Reyes sends out a text saying that she's coordinating with the state police to capture Irving. Abbie doesn't know if Jenny got Irving over the Canadian border and calls to warn her sister that they're setting up checkpoints. Jenny tells Irving, who says that his family doesn't know the truth. Jenny assures him that they'll find a way to reclaim his soul once they get him to safety. Irving isn't convinced that anywhere is safe.

Magnum Opus

Abbie confirms that her sister is okay, and Ichabod reads the Book of Enoch. It relates a legend of how Methuselah was given a sword that can kill any being on Earth. They figure that it can kill Moloch if they can find the Sword. As Abbie thumbs through Grace's diary, Ichabod sees a picture reflected in a jar. When he holds the reflection up, they realize the picture is a snake. Ichabod explains that the snake was a famous political cartoon in his time, designed to unite the colonies and drawn by Franklin. Abbie realizes that it's the same shape as a river and the tongue marks the spot where the Sword is hidden.

As they head out to get it, Ichabod points out a prophecy that says they must know themselves completely or they will die. Abbie figures that it's the chance for her to fulfill her legacy and complete what her mother started. They leave, unaware that Henry has been watching them through the mirror. He tells Abraham that he is to follow them and recover the Sword before the sun rises, and Abraham goes to his horse. Katrina finds him and tries to distract him, but Abraham says that he will soon have the weapon that Ichabod seeks as he rides off.

Jenny comes to a checkpoint on the road and Irving insists that she let him out so that she won't be arrested. She gives him a burner phone and says that she'll call him and meet him at the bridge later, and take him to Canada. Irving jumps out and Jenny stops at the checkpoint.

Magnum Opus

Ichabod and Abbie arrive at the spot on the map, and Abbie spots the ruins that she recognizes from her dream of Lori. The Horseman rides up and Ichabod and Abbie quickly hide. He rides on into the ruins and dismounts, and they realize that he's after the Sword. Rather than risk him getting the Sword before daybreak, Abbie goes in and Ichabod reluctantly follow him.

The Horseman enters the ruins and finds a metal plaque on the wall, and hacks it off.  Abbie slips and the Horseman advances on her position, but Ichabod calls to him and leads him away. Ichabod takes cover and the Horseman prepares to kill him... but the sun rises, burning the Horseman. He quickly mounts up and rides off for Fredericks House. Abbie comes over and figures that they have a day to find the Sword. Ichabod is more concerned that his life's journey has led him to Sleepy Hollow... and Abraham is responsible.

The Past

In England, Ichabod and Abraham fence and Abraham says that the New World is a place of opportunities. Ichabod says that he will choose his own path but Abraham suggests that he join the Army and become his own man.


Ichabod tells Abbie that Abraham made him who he is, and their fates are intertwined. He's sure that they will meet in battle, and he must know himself completely or perish. They enter the ruins and Ichabod explains that the Knights Templar foretold a quest for not just the Sword but one's self. He explains that Abraham's influence was crucial.

Magnum Opus

The Past

In America, Ichabod tells Abraham that he has deserted the army. Abraham assures him that he's made the right decision and Ichabod goes to the bar to order a round of drinks. Katrina approaches him and assures him that his new coat will suit him better. Abraham comes over to greet his fiancée, and says that he has reunited with his dearest friend. Katrina says that she knows Ichabod from Boston, and Abraham invites Ichabod to join them at his estate.


Ichabod tells Abbie that others have determined everything in his life, and she says that there's a reason she has to believe that she's worthy... and Ichabod must do the same. She says that she got a look at the plaque and draws the pattern in the dirt. Ichabod recognizes it as the Ouroboros, which embodies the motto of the Knights Templar: "As above, so below." Abbie realizes that it indicates the ground beneath where the plaque was, and they find a hidden trapdoor and a flight of stairs.

The duo descends into the earth and find a group of petrified soldiers. Ichabod recognizes one as an Englishman, and finds another that is a woman that he recognizes. There's a lamp with the word Dixon on it, and Abbie realizes that it's one of Grace's granddaughters. Ichabod says that all of the statutes are people turned to stone. Something moves in the shadows and Ichabod tells Abbie to get out and not look back. They get to the surface and close the trapdoor just as a snakelike woman lunges up at them. Ichabod explains that the creature is a Gorgon, cursed with the power to turn them to stone if they meet its gaze.

Magnum Opus

Ichabod figures that all of the petrified individuals came to the New World to find the weapon. Abbie is furious that her ancestor was killed like so many others in her family, and wonders if it's her destiny to die there as well. Ichabod assures her that she's there to finish what her family started, but Abbie wonders how they can defeat a creature that they can't see. When Ichabod says that they have to face their fears, Abbie suggests that they get someone else to do it for them. She says that someone with no eyes can get close enough to kill the Gorgon.

Jenny is waiting at the bridge for Irving. He calls and says that he is going to stay underground and fight.

At Fredericks House, Katrina watches as Henry takes a shofar out of a case. He explains that it's the trumpet that brought down the walls of Jericho and signals the starting of wars. Now he is to sound it the moment that Moloch has grown to his full power. Henry offers Katrina a last meal and holds up the bottle of poison that she crafted. Moloch walks past, now almost a man, and Henry says that compassion has always been Katrina's weakness and Ichabod's. He tells Katrina that her humanity has doomed her, and that if she had let Ichabod die. Katrina says that Henry can't deny the humanity within him, but Henry says that he does and will soon sound the shofar three times and announce the start of the End Times. Henry then lifts the enchantment on the house, revealing the house and Moloch as they truly are.

Magnum Opus

As night falls, Ichabod prepares torches and Abbie brings some flares from the truck. They wait for the Horseman so they can lure him down into the cavern and let him fight the Gorgon while they get the Sword. Ichabod assures Abbie that if Lori was there, she'd be very proud of her. The Horseman rides in and they descend into the cavern, tossing flares to light their path. When the Horseman follows them, they hide and the Gorgon attacks him. Ichabod monitors the battle using his iPad, and then he and Abbie run into the next chamber and seal the door behind them. They discover that there are a dozen swords surrounding a font. Ichabod tells Abbie to find the right sword while he goes back to take on the victor and buy her the time she needs. Before he goes, Ichabod warns Abbie that it may be a test and she'll only have one chance.

The Horseman manages to decapitate the Gorgon and Ichabod tosses his jacket over the head to avoid its gaze. When Ichabod runs for his weapon, Abraham calls to him and Ichabod realizes that he can see his former friend's face. Within the chamber, everyone wears their true face. Abraham insists that he is looking at the face of his betrayer and draws his shotgun. However, Ichabod asks for the honor of a deciding match, and Abraham lowers his gun and gestures to Ichabod to pick up his sword. The two men clash and Abraham swears that it will be the final battle between them. Ichabod insists that he wants redemption for his friend, but admits that Abraham was always on the path to darkness. Abraham pins Ichabod to the wall and insists that Ichabod stole his wife and his destiny from him, and insists that he was supposed to be the hero of the story. Freeing himself, Ichabod says that Abraham chose Moloch and chose the mantle of Death, ensuring that Katrina would never love him. Abraham points out that Katrina has always returned to him and she will be his bride.

Magnum Opus

Ichabod kicks Abraham back and disarms him, and Abraham grabs his shotgun and opens fire. Running for his life, Ichabod heads back to the chamber and yells a warning to Abbie. She grasps one sword and they all turn into snakes, just as Ichabod runs in and locks the door. Abraham easily breaks through the door and demands the sword, and Abbie tells him that it doesn't exist. When Ichabod says that they have all come for nothing, Abraham says that Ichabod has come to die. However, before he can shoot, the shofar sounds and Moloch says that his master calls him. Ichabod tells him that his jealousy made him what he is, not Ichabod. Furious, Abraham puts the gun to Ichabod's chest, but then says that he chooses to watch Ichabod suffer in Hell for an eternity while Katrina rides at his side.

Abraham walks off and Ichabod realizes that they're too late. He believes that he can't see the sword because he doesn't know himself. Abbie tells him to decide to live, and that he's chosen to be a hero. Ichabod realizes that she's right and they remember that the prophecy refers to a reflection. They confirm that the liquid in the font is oil, and Ichabod dips a torch into the oil. Nothing happens, and Abbie points out that they have the one thing that the others didn't: each other. Together they use the torches to light the oil, and a sword appears in the font. Ichabod draws the glowing blade out and vows that Moloch shall not rise.

Magnum Opus

In front of Fredericks House, Henry gathers the Horseman and the armor of War to his side and says that now it begins. Katrina looks out the window as Moloch appears in all his glory.

- Tom Mison
- John Noble
- Sleepy Hollow

Written by: Van Troughton
Nov 25th, 2014, 5:35 am

Images courtesy of FOX

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