Christmas Cheer to help brighten up the Grown Ups over the holiday period

This time of year nothing beats coming in from the cold, putting on your P.J.’s, and cozying up under a warm blanket with some home made hot cocoa to watch your favourite Christmas special.  Here are my top five Christmas episodes sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

1. The Odd Couple-“Scrooge gets an Oscar”-Season 1 Episode 12

Felix is directing a benefit performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and is intent on casting Oscar, who would make the perfect Scrooge.  Oscar refuses to participate, instead staying home eating greasy food in front of the television, which leads to a wacky nightmare he won’t soon forget!

2. New Girl-“The 23rd”-Season 1 Episode 9

The gang is getting ready to go home for the holidays, but before they do they are determined to hit as many Christmas parties as they can.  Schmidt finally refuses to play sexy Santa for work, Winston helps find a missing boy who ran away after overhearing Schmidt exclaim that Santa’s dead, landing himself a job in the process, Nick lets it slip that Jess doesn’t love Paul resulting in a break up, and Cece gets a very special but gag inducing gift.  It all leads to a heartwarming ending on Candy Cane lane.

3. Friends-“The One where Rachel Quits”-Season 3 Episode 10

Rachel quits her job at Central perk to get “the fear”, Joey gets a job selling Christmas trees where Phoebe learns the horror of the chipper, and Ross breaks a little girl’s leg while demonstrating his tennis skills, which results in him becoming an honorary brown bird so he can sell cookies to help send the girl to space camp.

4. Scrubs-“My Own Personal Jesus”-Season 1 Episode 11

We learn that Turk believes in Miracles and that his religion is what makes him who he is, but when he has a rough night in the ER on Christmas Eve his faith is shaken and he becomes a shadow of himself. Elliot’s patient goes and when she discovers her patient has HELLP syndrome and has to deliver her baby immediately, it just might take a miracle to find her.

5. Community-“Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”-Season 2 Episode 11

When Abed reveals he is seeing everyone and everything around him in stop motion animation, they go to Professor Duncan for therapy.  A festive frolic through planet Abed to find the meaning of Christmas ensues, where Abed not only finds the meaning of Christmas with the help of season one of Lost, he also discovers the true meaning of friendship.


- The Odd Couple (1970)
- New Girl
- Friends
- Scrubs
- Community

Written by: JessDanov
Dec 18th, 2014, 9:06 am

Images courtesy of NBC

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