Headache - Grimm Mini-Review and Recap

So for this week's penultimate episode, Juliette starts to show signs of her inevitable (from a writing standpoint) redemption. It's pretty unlikely that they're going to make her a major villain. Although if so, it would be funny. When Claire Coffee was just a guest star, she was a master villain. And she became a wimp as soon as they made her a series regular. Making Juliette the big bad for season 5 would be the reverse of that.

As for tonight's episode, Juliette has sex with the main bad guy in Nick's bed, and cheerfully leads Kelly into a trap. She has a little bit of regret as she listens to Kelly Burkhardt fight against impossible odds, and then later when she picks up the god child or whatever it is.

On the Case of the Week side of things, they finally resolve the "Renard is bleeding from his scars" subplot that started 20 episodes ago. Sheesh. It's over and done with pretty quickly due to a convenient cure. Whether there'll be any repercussions in either the Wesen community (Jack picked out Wesen prostitutes last week) or in the larger public eye (no one was caught or killed for the Jack the Ripper murders), we'll see.

And 'grats to Sasha Roiz to breaking out of his typical in-control captain and giving us both a Renard on the edge of hysterics, and a very broadly accented Jack the Ripper.

And fans of Jacqueline Toboni will be happy to see that Trubel returned tonight.

So next week's promos hold promise of a big blowout fight between Team Grimm and the Royals, with Juliette on the side of the Royals. But promos have been misleading before, so we'll see what happens.


Stronger than lover's love is lover's hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make.

Hank knocks Monroe out of the way just in time as Juliette makes Nick fire the gun at the Blutbad. She realizes that they must have negated Adalind's powers to test the suppressant, thanks them, and walks out. Monroe, Rosalee, and Hank are all done trying to help Juliette after what she did. Nick calls Renard to warn him, and Jack says that Renard can't come to the phone and that he's had quite a night, and tells them to call back later. Nick and Hank call Wu to meet them and head out.

At Renard's place, the detectives meet Wu and have him go to the back while they come in through the front. The door is unlocked, and they go in with guns drawn. They find Renard in the bedroom and motion him to silence, then confirm that no one else is there. Nick calls Renard's cell phone and hear it in the living room, and Renard says that he was sleeping fifteen minutes ago when Nick called. He says that he was at Henrietta's, and they go to her house and find her corpse on the floor, its throat cut.


As the techs arrive to secure the crime scene, Hank points out that Jack said that "we" had a hard night and suggests that there was more than one killer. Renard comes over and thanks them for coming since they probably scared Jack off, and they tell him to go home and let them handle it. Hank takes Renard out to the car and Nick tells Wu to put surveillance on the home.

A motorcyclist pulls in to his garage and Kenneth's men attack him. Ruspoli and more men take over another house, and Juliette and Kenneth arrive at the house. They go inside and Juliette briefly remembers her time with Nick. She describes the house's layout and Kenneth insists on seeing what was their bedroom. Juliette shoves Kenneth down on the bed, says that he needs to understand how valuable she can be, and kisses him.


Back at Renard's place, Nick and Hank make sure that the place is clear, Renard explains his bleeding scars and blackouts, and that he went to Henrietta for help. He wonders if Jack is going to try to frame him for Henrietta's murder, and the partners tell him to get some rest and keep his phone close. Outside, Nick suggests that Jack may have possessed Renard. They check on Franco, who is out front, and tell him to keep a close watch, and then drive off.

Nick returns home and discovers that someone has been using the bed, and that someone used the shower. He remembers having sex with Juliette when she was Adalind's form, calls Hank, and suggests that Juliette may be able to help them with Renard.

Renard wakes up from a nightmare of attacking a woman and checks himself in the bathroom mirror. "Jack" takes over his body and tells him that things are only going to get worse, and then releases control. Gasping, Renard collapses to the floor, his scars bleeding.

Bud is dozing in his living room when Nick calls him. He says that he needs to talk to Adalind and knocks at the door, and Bud lets Nick and Hank in. Nick goes to Adalind's room and figures that Nick is going to kill her now that the potion worked. He explains that Juliette destroyed the potion without drinking it, and that Juliette no longer wants to be cured. Nick describes Renard's problems and Adalind confirms that Renard died and his mother brought him back. Doing so opened a portal and something hitched a ride on his soul. He's bleeding because the entity is taking control, and Adalind says that if Renard remembers what he's been doing then it will be too late. Hank comes in and Adalind says that they can only send Jack by killing Renard again.

The next morning, Nick and Hank go to Monroe's house, and Hank suggests that they use a Dead Faint on Renard. Rosalee warns that the tetrodoxtin is very dangerous, and the detectives assure her that they're going to make sure Renard was involved before the try anything. Franco calls to say that Renard is going to work and the detectives head in.

A person enters the burned remained of the trailer and examines the wreckage.

At the station, Nick and Hank check the surveillance footage. Nick spots Renard's car near the first killing. Renard calls the detectives to their office and says that he thinks he's starting to go crazy. He describes what happened after they left, and they ask if he remembers being near the first murder before it happened. Renard says that he was at home asleep, and Nick tells him what Adalind said happened. Hank draws his gun and says that Renard needs to give them his weapon, and he reluctantly does so. He insists that whoever did the murders isn't him, and Hank holsters his weapon. Renard then says that he wants someone watching him who understands.


The detectives tell Wu what's going on and have him watch Renard at home. In Renard's office, Jack takes over and smiles in satisfaction.

Kenneth's men drive Juliette back. Ruspoli and Kenneth watch from the house across the street that they've taken over, and Kenneth says that he's not sure there is any limit on what Juliette will do.

Wu drives Renard home and then calls Nick at the spice shop. Rosalee and Monroe finish the Dead Faint, and Rosalee warns that they have to make Jack and Renard believe that they're really killing Renard. Nick suggests that they claim they're giving him a memory-restoration potion and Rosalee says that she has something. However, she warns that they may have to put on a show to convince Jack that Renard is dying.

At home, Renard tries to remember what he's done. His scars start bleeding again, and Jack takes over Renard's body to draw "Welcome back, Jack" on the mirror in blood. Renard comes back and stares at the name in horror. He runs out and yells to Wu that Jack is inside, and then knocks him unconscious.

The person from the trailer goes to the front step of Nick's house and Ruspoli warns Kenneth that he can't tell if it's Kelly.

Inside, Juliette finds all of the photos of her and Nick that Nick put away. Kenneth calls and says that someone is on the front porch but they don't have Diana. The person walks away, and Ruspoli says that it's just some kid. One of Kenneth's men goes after the person.

Jack drives off in Wu's police car, and Wu tries to get through to him from where he's tied up in the back. The killer ignores him and keeps driving.


Nick and Hank arrive at Renard's house and find Wu's gun on the lawn. They call out an APB on Wu's car and Nick calls Wu.

In the police car, Jack sings and tosses the ringing phone out the window.

Inside the house, the detectives find the message on the mirror.

Jack pulls up to a corner and tells Wu to watch and learn. He then gets out and approaches a prostitute.

Nick and Hank get a call on the car's location.

Wu tries to get out of the back of the police car.

The man following the intruder loses them and searches in a nearby alley. He woges into his Jundhager form... and Trubel decapitates him. She then confirms that he has the Verrat tattoo marking him as working for the Royals.

Jack takes the prostitute to a quiet alleyway.

Nick and Hank arrive at the police car and Wu tells them where Jack is. They go there and Nick uses his heightened senses to home in on the killer. They arrive and tackle him, and tell the prostitute to leave. Once she's gone, Renard comes back and demands to know what's going on as they walk him away.

At the spice shop, Nick and the others tell Renard that they've going to give him the memory restoration potion. Renard agrees to take it, and Nick removes the handcuffs. The captain braces himself and drinks the potion, and then lies down to wait for the effects to kick in.


In the house, Juliette is sitting on the bed when her phone rings. A SUV pulls up out front and Kelly calls. Playing along, Juliette says that Nick isn't home but she is, and the front door is unlocked. Kelly gets Diana out of the SUV and enters the house. She calls to Juliette, and Juliette listens from upstairs as Kenneth's men attack her. Once they're done and take Kelly out, Juliette walks downstairs and finds Diana sitting on the floor. As she picks the girl up, Kenneth comes in and says that they got Kelly... and they have Diana.


At the spice shop, Renard passes out and Rosalee confirms that his pulse is slowing down. Jack grabs her and threatens to break her neck if they don't let him go. Rosalee bites his hand and frees herself, and Nick, Hank, and Wu open fire. Renard goes down, and they check to see if the rubber bullet took Renard down. The black spirit leaves Renard's mouth, and Rosalee gives Renard the antidote. He wakes up and says that he doesn't remember anything since he drank the potion. The scars on his chest fade away and Rosalee figures that he's cured.

Trubel arrives at the shop and tells them that something big is going on at Nick's house and she killed a Jundhager. Nick and Hank go with her.

Kenneth and his men drive off with Juliette and Diana. Diana asks where her mother is, and Juliette doesn't respond.

Nick, Hank, and Trubel enter the house and find a box on the floor. They make sure the house is clear and Nick opens the box. Kelly's decapitated head is inside and, falling back, Nick screams in denial.


- Jacqueline Toboni
- Claire Coffee
- Sasha Roiz
- Grimm

Written by: Van Troughton
May 9th, 2015, 1:50 am

Images courtesy of NBC

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