You Don't Know Jack - Grimm Mini-Review and Recap

'Grimm' approaches its season finale and it looks like we're finally going to get some payoff on 20 episodes of Renard being shot and then bleeding after his wounds healed. Fan speculation suggests that he may be the mysterious Jack the Ripper stalking Wesen women in Portland.

Juliette continues to play the bad guy by glowering at the camera. Nico Evers-Swindell seems to be having more fun as the villainous Royal prince who has enough of playing around with Nick and Renard, and will do whatever it takes to get Adalind's god-baby back. Even Claire Coffee gets to do both humor and pathos this week She has several scenes with Adalind's dead mother, and Adalind continues to defend her somewhat twisted view that she was just a poor innocent pawn in everything and didn't deserve to have her mother taken. Which is either bad memory or retconning, but oh well.

Two more episodes until the season finale, and then on to Season 5 in the fall!


Catch me when you can...

Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu drive to the trailer and find what's left of it after the fire. They go inside and each of them remembers discovering the trailer's contents for the first time. Some of the weapons are okay and Wu finds a book with some of its pages intact. Monroe suggests that they take what's left to the spice shop.

You Don't Know Jack

Juliette returns home and logs onto the computer, and sends an email to Kelly saying that Nick is in trouble. Kelly responds she's on her way.

Downtown, two prostitutes are trying to stay warm. One of them, Mary Ann Casey, woges briefly to stay warm. The other one, Heidi McDunnah, leaves with a client and a man named Jack comes up to Mary Ann and says that he wants a Wesen. She woges for him and then they go to a small city park. When Mary Ann tries to leave, Jack cuts her throat with a knife.

At the spice shop, Rosalee and Adalind are working together and Adalind insists that she's just trying to protect herself and her child from Juliette. Rosalee doesn't want to discuss it and Adalind admits that she doesn't know how it works, just that it should. The Hexenbiest notes that she joined the Resistance and came back with Diana and Kelly, and Rosalee admits that she doesn't feel good about taking Diana from her mother but they thought it was best. Adalind says that the only thing that they need left is her mother and they'll dig her up the next day.

You Don't Know Jack

Monroe and the others come in and explain what happened, and Nick says that they have to get Adalind somewhere safe. They take her to the last place where they think Juliette would look: Bud's house. Bud's family is out of town and they swear him to secrecy. When he sees that Adalind is pregnant, he asks if the father will be coming and they explain about Juliette.

Juliette returns to the hotel and tells Kenneth that his plan is proceeding as planned. She warns him not to underestimate Kelly and starts to leave, and Kenneth suggests that she stay there so they can stay in touch. He figures that Adalind isn't coming back and notices some ash on Juliette's hand, and she says that she was getting some payback.

Nick enters the house, gun drawn, and confirms that Juliette isn't there. He finds a mouse pad on the table.

Renard wakes up floating in a swimming pool. He swims to the side, gasping.

You Don't Know Jack

The next day, Nick and Hank are called to Mary Ann's murder scene. Heidi found the body and Wu takes the detectives over to talk to her. She tells them when and where she left Mary Ann, and how she went looking for her when she didn't come home. Heidi breaks into tears and woges into her Klaustreich form, and Nick tells her what he is and asks if Mary Ann was a Wesen. the Klaustreich confirms that Mary Ann was a Fuchsbau but says that they were independent and weren't having any trouble with customers. They send Heidi home and examine the body, and confirm that the killer cut Mary Ann's throat. He also cut open her abdomen.

Renard has Adalind's mother disinterred and goes to the cemetery with Adalind, Monroe, and Rosalee. She talks to her mother's coffin about what she's been through, and thanks her for helping her now that she's dead so that she can help Adalind stop Juliette and protect her children.

At the station, Hank confirms that Mary Ann has been arrested several times. Wu brings in the report from the ME, confirming that the victim's uterus was removed by a left-handed killer with medical training. Hank notes that it sounds familiar and points out that it sounds like the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. They present what they have to Renard, who confirms that nothing has gone out yet to the press. Once they leave, Nick suggests that the victims in 1888 were Wesen as well and they go to the spice shop to check the surviving books.

At the spice shop, Adalind can't bring herself to cut the organs out of the dead Hexenbiest. Rosalee steps in and starts removing the necessary parts, with Monroe reluctantly helping. As they start to pry the rib cage apart, Nick and Hank arrive. Monroe takes them to the basement where the remaining books are stored and explain what they're looking for.

You Don't Know Jack

That night, Jack approaches Heidi and says that he's looking for something wild. Once she woges, he addresses her by name and says that he knows she's been talking to the police, and stabs her.

In the basement, Monroe finds a reference to 1798 and the Luxembourg Peasant Revolt. The Grimm mentions finding several Wesen girls with their stomachs cut open and their throats cut. The rest of the page is burn off, but Monroe finds a reference to the Grimm finding a soldier committing a murder. The soldier didn't woge but seemed possessed, and the Grimm killed him.

Upstairs, Rosalee finishes grinding up the corpse's ribs when Nick and the others come up. They explain what they've found and Nick catches Adalind when she starts to faint. He insists that she sit down and Rosalee says that she's got it. The pattern of a skull forms in the bubbles for a moment and they realize that it's done. Wu calls to tell them that the killer struck again and murdered Heidi. Once Nick and Hank leaves, Rosalee suggests that they call Trubel and Monroe agrees.
You Don't Know Jack

At the crime scene, Nick and Hank tell Wu about their possession theory. Renard arrives and warns that the Mayor's office is concerned, and they tell him what they've found. The captain figures that the killer is flesh and blood and tells them to find him, and leaves.

Back at the spice shop, Rosalee and Monroe filter the potion through the hat. As Nick and Hank arrive, Adalind says that she's going to test the potion on herself first and drinks it before someone can stop her. She tells everyone to hold her down and then starts to woge, screaming. A ghostly cloud rises from her body and then drops back, and the vibrations knock the jar with the potions off of the table. Monroe catches it just in time as the skylight shatters. Adalind woges back and passes out briefly, and  she confirms that she can't use her Hexenbiest powers

You Don't Know Jack

Juliette describes the neighborhood surrounding the house to Kenneth. She picks out one home with a family of three and Kenneth is satisfied.

At Bud's house, Adalind tells Nick that she didn't know what would happen to Juliette. She asks him what will happen to their baby, and Nick promises that no one will take it from him this time. He walks out and tells Bud that he'll find someplace for Adalind once everything is over. Hank offers to stay and Nick agrees. He then goes home and calls Juliette. She tells Kenneth about the call as his men load up their weapons, and Kenneth tells her not to answer. Nick leaves a message that they have to talk because he has something that can help. Furious, he smashes the phone.

The next day, Renard holds a press conference with the mayor. They reassure the reporters that they will find the killer. Renard starts to bleed again and quickly leaves. Inside the station, he goes to the locker room and calls someone, and says that he needs to see them right away. Several officers come in and Renard leaves. He goes to Henrietta's house and explains what's happening, and Henrietta asks about his dreams. Renard describes his dreams of something reaching for him and his blackouts, and how he wakes up around water. Henrietta warns that it's going to take time to find a cure but Renard storms out.

You Don't Know Jack

At the station, Nick comes back and tells Hank that he's been calling Juliette. Juliette calls on his landline and Nick tells her about the suppressant. He asks her to come to the spice shop immediately and Kenneth has Juliette agree.

Henrietta is going through her books when she hears someone enter her house. She woges... and Jack cuts her throat and then starts singing.

Juliette comes into the spice shop and confirms that only Nick, Hank, Rosalee, and Monroe are there. She asks how they figured out the suppressant, and Hank claims that they found the formula in the books from the trailer. Juliette figures that they tried it on a Hexenbiest and Nick offers her the jar. She takes it and the building shakes, and then levitates it into the air. When Rosalee and Monroe try to stop her, she knocks them away. Hank draws his gun and Juliette sends it flying, and then says that she likes what she is. Nick draws his gun and Juliette woges and forces him to aim his gun at Monroe. After a moment, a shot rings out.

You Don't Know Jack

- Claire Coffee
- Nico Evers-Swindell
- Grimm

Written by: Van Troughton
May 2nd, 2015, 1:04 am

Images courtesy of NBC

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