Jordan reveals the truth about CBB's Megan, his date with Nancy Dell'ollio, and how he'd love to do I'm A Celebrity

Last year, Rachael found herself at the pointy end of a love triangle with Jordan and Imogen. Returning to Ibiza Weekender this Sunday as a guest, how will the reps react to this blast from the past?

In an exclusive interview, Jordan reveals the truth about CBB's Megan, his date with Nancy Dell'ollio, and how he'd love to do I'm A Celebrity.
Jordan vowed to never ‘speak to or see’ his ex-girlfriend, Megan Mckenna, again after their explosive Twitter row last week.
The pair started arguing on Sunday night after Jordan invited his 231k followers to take part in a Q and A session to mark the return of Ibiza Weekender.
Jordan has branded Megan's replies to his tweets as ‘unprofessional’, saying: "It was pathetic. It shows she is still bothered about me if she is going out of her way to tweet and publicly abuse me. It is not very professional and it is really childish and immature. I am not going to get involved. I am completely over her now. I am bored. Why was she causing a row? Maybe she had a lot of people commenting about how I was really good on Weekender. I am not getting involved now. I want to focus on my career. If I am going to go around and abuse people on Twitter, I am not going to get anywhere with my career. I am just enjoying my life now. I don’t plan on ever seeing or speaking to her ever again.”
Going on to talk about how he is very much single, Jordan added: “I am 100 per cent single. My job is to enjoy being single, go out with my mates and work hard. I am in a very happy place now. Megan has actually done me a favour. People have seen the good side. They have seen that when I was in a relationship, I was loyal and never cheated. Girls find it a more attractive side rather than the ‘Jordan wants to pull’. When I am in a relationship, I am the complete opposite to when I am single! You commit to the relationship whereas when I am single I think I can do what I want!”
Jordan continued: “I was still with Megan when we filmed Ibiza Weekender. At the time I was happy and I was very much taken. I can’t wait for this new series to play out over the next few weeks. I can be a funny guy. You will see a lot more of me. Everyone thinks I am this boy who pulls women all the time and that all I do is care about myself. But there is a lot more depth to me.”
Also busy launching his own Magaluf website, Jordan insisted he was ‘definitely not’ driven by his quest for fame or money. He said: “All I want to do is make enough money to buy mum a house. She did a lot for us. My parents split up when I was really young. I know she hasn’t been proud of everything she has seen in the past but when the first episode of Ibiza Weekender started last Sunday, I know she was very proud. I just want to make mum happy.”
Jordan said he had loved going out for drinks with Nancy Dell’ollio earlier this month but insisted it was very much a ‘one-off’ date. 
Admitting he thought it was a wind-up when his agent told him her aides had been in touch to ask him out, he explained: "Nancy’s agent contacted mine to say that she would like to go for drinks. At first, I thought it was a joke. I thought it must be a wind-up and I was more shocked than anything else. But I thought ‘you know what? I will go out for drinks’. She is a nice lady and it is very nice to have an older lady chasing me. It’s not every day that happens especially with someone with her profile! I didn’t think she knew who I was! I don’t think she watches Ibiza Weekender. But I guess I have been in the papers recently. We had a nice night and there was lots of banter. We had a good laugh but it was nothing more than that – I am going to be single for a long time.”
Jordan revealed that he'd love to do I’m A Celebrity and that he's even asked his friend and current winner, Vicky Pattison, for tips: “My main aim this year is the jungle. I have always wanted to take part in it. I am going to start pestering them. I am more mature now. I will be 24 by then. I am ready for it and that is my focus. I have watched it since the start and I have always wanted to take part in it.  I am good mates with Vicky. She did amazingly. I have been on a couple of nights out with her since she left the jungle and I spoke to her about it.  She said it was the best thing she ever did. They have had Towie, Geordie Shore people on but none from my show. I would be up every day early and I would get stuck in. You could call me Jordan Ramsay in the camp!”
Laughing, he jokingly added: “I would even do it for free - I am that keen!”
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Written by: Ben Drummond
Feb 19th, 2016, 3:20 am

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