Alison King talks about Carla's continuing problems with Tracy Barlow

Alison King talks about Carla's continuing problems with Tracy Barlow and about what the future holds for her. Coronation Street can be seen Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on ITV.

How worried is Carla that Tracy holds the key to destroying her life?

Yes there is this one big secret and if Tracy blows it then it could be the end of this life that carla wants with Nick. If Carla had told Nick straight away then maybe she would not be in this position now and they could have moved on from it, but as time goes on it gets more difficult to come clean which means that Tracy holds all the cards and she knows that. As long as Carla doesn’t take Nick Tracy has the power. And it is also resulting in Nick losing everything which is down to Carla being blackmailed by Tracy.

Is she desperate to get away from the street because of Tracy, or does she feel like she’s being forced out of her home?

She is the sort of person who likes the idea of starting afresh. She has left the street before when things have got too much for her but that has always been her on her own running away from something and she always misses it and comes back but this time basically Tracy is forcing her hand and forcing her out. She loves Nick so much that she doesn’t want to lose him and this is the only thing she can think of. It is harder too for her to go this time as she has family on the street that she cares about.

There’s drama at the factory this week – how difficult is it for Carla not to get involved?

She has completely taken her eye off the ball at the factory. Aidan wants to prove that he can do it without her, it is her achilles heel and her precious thing but she knows she has got to let it go eventually so her only way of dealing with that is to let it go now and not be such a part of it.

If Tracy continues to blackmail her, is there a risk that Carla will snap?

Maybe at the moment she just thinks it would be easier to walk away - if it wasn’t about Nick she would have snapped before now, she would be snapping her head off. But the stakes are too high for her. I am sure at some point though Tracy might just tip her over the edge, this is a very different Carla we are seeing at the moment so it remains to be seen just how far Tracy can push her.

Does it pain Carla that this situation is slipping further and further out of her control?

Yes it does, it infuriates her, she is not someone who is used to being the underdog - to have someone else having the upper hand.

Do you think a quiet life in the country is what Carla really wants, though?

I think anywhere with Nick would be great and she sees it as an exciting possibility. It is a nice idea or ideal but in reality I am not sure it would be enough for her. She does tend to thrive off drama but maybe she thinks this time the quiet life is a better option.

Will she be sad to leave Weatherfield if it gets that far?

She has found happiness with Nick and he is the key. She thinks that as long as she is with him then leaving Weatherfield will be ok.

If you were Carla’s friend, what advice would you give her?

I would tell her to tell Nick and take the power away from Tracy, without power blackmailers are nothing. She would have to cope with the fallout from Nick but I would hope they could work through it and come out the other side. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing Carla tell Tracy to get lost. I would Carla to throw herself at Nick’s mercy.

How are you feeling as you move closer to leaving the show?

Calm a bit sick, excited, for me it is about saying goodbye to some amazing people who I Iove working with, both cast and crew. I am ready to say farewell to Carla but I will miss everybody here.

Were you pleased when you found out what you’re leaving story would be?

I am not entirely sure of the exact details as yet, it is a good few months before we even film them so I am working on the scripts that build up to it and am intrigued as to how it is going to play out.

Are you pleased that Tracy and Carla’s feud has become so such a classic Corrie rivalry?

Couldn’t be more please as Kate Ford is a joy to work with, we have great fun, I guess they have wanted to create a rivalry a bit like Ken and Mike’s from all those years ago and hopefully we have been able to deliver.

Are you eyeing up any souvenirs from the set to take with you?

Half the clothes are mine anyway so I will be packing a suitcase! I would love some of the quote plaques from the Bistro but I doubt I would get away with pinching them - and of course I would love to take Nick Tilsley!

Can you give us any sneaky hints from what to expect from Carla and Nick’s wedding?

The wedding is going to be quite understated - it is her fourth time so it is more low key, I am thrilled it is going to be at the Bistro so we don’t have to be on location for days! But whilst the wedding might be understated and low key the drama definitely won’t be!

Will Carla be wearing white again?!

She will interestingly - it possibly should have been black, but no she goes for white, again quite understated and I have been involved in the choosing of the dress.

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Written by: Ben Drummond
Mar 16th, 2016, 5:16 am

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