Selena Gomez talks to Dan Wootton ahead of the release of her new single Hands To Myself

International superstar Selena Gomez has spoken to ITV’s Lorraine about best friend Taylor Swift and being a big fan of Cheryl [Fernandez-Versini].

In an interview with Dan Wootton ahead of her new single ‘Hands To Myself’ from album ‘Revival’,  Selena also spoke about revealing her vulnerable side through her music.

On inspiration from best friend Taylor Swift, Selena said: “I mean I’ve known her for ten years she’s been one of my best friends through thick and thin, walked by my side. Her whole family has been so supportive of me and yeah, she’s been there during crucial points in my life and in my career. She’s known for embracing her personal story and creating a beautiful thing out of it and I was a little hesitant with that and she was always the person to encourage me to tell my story and be proud of who I am.”

Selena also revealed she was a fan of Cheryl [Fernandez-Versini]. She said: “I was shooting a movie in Budapest and there was random music videos playing and I saw ‘Fight for This Love’ and I was obsessed, I was hooked. And I actually had a layover in London and they didn’t sell the record in America so I was running to try and catch my connecting flight but I needed to get the CD while I was here.”

Speaking about showing the more vulnerable side in her new music, Selena said: “I think the beginning of my career, it was very tailored, it was very precise. Sharing the vulnerable, raw, messy side wasn’t necessarily encouraged. I think the definition of strength is being vulnerable and being honest. That doesn’t mean you have to be like, ‘I’m strong I’m amazing, look at me’, you can have those moments but you won’t have those moments unless you’re like ‘I’ve been broken, I’ve felt things and messed up a lot and I’m okay saying that’”

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Written by: Ben Drummond
Mar 25th, 2016, 4:46 am

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