Vernon Kay talks about presenting Drive

Drive is a brand new entertainment series for ITV which features the thrills and spills of motor racing and pitches eight well known celebrities against each other in an adrenaline charged race with a difference. Vernon Kay presents the show and talks about what we can expect to see from the series. Drive starts on Tuesday 5th April at 9pm on ITV.

Can you tell us a bit about the show?

It's eight celebrities competing to be the Drive Champion through a series of tasks and challenges in different vehicles. In a nutshell! But it's more than that. What's really lovely about this show is watching people's driving improving, but more importantly, watching their confidence improve. With the help of their mentors, they get faster and better, and although there are some mishaps along the way, in general they all walk a bit taller by the end.

Who are the stand-out celebrities for you?

In terms of the show, everyone has a different journey, for want of a better word. Ella really goes for it at the start, then starts to question herself. Johnny focuses on his skills, I think he'll surprise people. He has a bit of a 'do or die' attitude, a lust for life. He's obviously a big guy, and there was a moment where he had to crawl out of the windscreen because he couldn't get out of the door, and people were laughing - not at him, but with him. I think it got his back up when people didn't take him seriously at first but let's just say they weren't laughing for long. Angus is very clinical in his methods. We nicknamed him 'the surgeon'. Louis is hilarious - I won't spoil it, but let's just say I don't think this is the right show for him.

Is there any difference between the men and the women?

Yes - the girls attack more ferociously than the guys which is fabulous to see. It feels a bit like they have something to prove and they just go for it. I think one difference is that the girls just have fun and seem to really enjoy it. Sometimes, the boys maybe over think a bit too much. Maybe they let themselves down a bit by worrying about competing amongst themselves whereas the girls are competitive with everyone! They just throw themselves into it.

Is there any difference between the different ages?

None whatsoever!

Who's the most competitive?

They all are really, but I'd say Colin Jackson and Professor Green. I think because they are solo 'artists' in a sense, so they are used to just worrying about themselves and driving themselves. Laura's very competitive as well. She has a twin brother and is very competitive with him, so it's just in her nature.

Were there times you wished you were racing instead of presenting?

God, yes. It looked like the most fun ever, and I'd love to have a go. I'm very competitive though, so I'd have to win.

How dangerous is it?

This is dramatic but nobody gets hurt, it's just a lot of fun, it really is. With cars, you know you are going to have a crash and a bang but our health and safety is paramount and they're all strapped in safely. Our guys really know what they're doing.

What did you think when you saw some of the dramatic crashes like Ella flipping her buggy over?

There were plenty of shunts. Colin had a couple of big ones, and Louis had a funny moment. Everyone got out unscathed but it will look pretty dramatic.

Finally, why should people watch Drive?

Because it's the most adrenalin-filled show on your telly. Drive has got danger, mad skills, and you get to see eight celebrities with their faces covered in mud.

- Vernon Kay
- Drive (UK)
- itv

Written by: Ben Drummond
Mar 29th, 2016, 1:20 am

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