Exclusive - Matt Wilson talks about playing Aaron on Neighbours

Yesterday I was privileged to catch up with Neighbours star Matt Wilson who plays Aaron Brennan on the show.  I really enjoyed catching up with Matt and I think he has a great future ahead of him. It is a big week for the show as Hotel Death Trap continues with the fate of many fan favourites left in the balance. Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays - 1.45pm & 5.30pm. Hotel Death Trap week airs from 4th April. #HotelDeathTrap

Have you seen this week’s episodes?

Yeah several times and I cried both times.

How would you describe Aaron to any new viewers to the show?

Aaron Brennan is a good soul, he has a good spirit and he’s a bit of an optimist. He thinks he is an entrepreneur but the reality is he is hopeless and we all know a guy like that don’t we. He is super friendly and cares about everyone else around him more so than himself. He is very proud of what he does, even when he is dancing, even it all falls to pieces.

Was it embarrassing when you first joined the show and had to play a stripper?

Yeah that was the hardest bit. The hardest part was not only did I only have to strip but it was on my first day. I was trying to remember the names of the camera guys, the sound guy, the producers the directors and all the cast members. I was trying to remember when I had to hit my mark and only come in when the music starts.

Where you a fan of the show before you joined the cast?

Yeah. We would come home from school, go do our homework and mum would bring dinner and we would sit on the floor and eat dinner whilst we were watching Neighbours.

The show changed networks a few years ago in Australia has that much made much difference to the amount of people watching the show over there?

It definitely has because obviously the major channels get a lot more traffic.  Australia is a bit behind with television especially after coming to the UK and looking at all the networks and channels here. There is so much to choose from.

There doesn’t seem to be many scripted drama serials currently made in Australia, how hard is it to secure a part on a show like Neighbours now?

The way I look at it is there are two full time dramas in Australia and each of them has about twenty three cast members. There are just forty six full time acting jobs available in Australia and I’ve got one of them.

Did you know Aaron was going to be gay when you auditioned for the part?

I knew everything and that was just part of the character.

Do you think it is harder playing a gay character when you aren’t gay in real life?

I think it might be more fun because it is further detached from me. Everybody has experienced attraction in some way shape or form no matter who it is too. You know what that feels like and how to fester that up inside of you and that is your main priority to make it feel real. Playing a gay character is not a problem at all, it is not an issue.

Scott McGregor and Travis Burns play your two brothers on the show, do you get on well off screen?

We’re good mates and hang out away from the set and actually live within walking distance. We enjoy a coffee together and we play a lot of golf and we are all a bit like our characters as well which is kind of funny.

Did you have to relocate to Melbourne when you joined the show?

I did. I had only ever been there a couple of times. Moving to a whole new city for a whole new career leaving everything including all your friends and family was such a big shake up.

You previously worked as a model, have you always had aspirations to become an actor?

No, I was doing acting for fun and me and a bunch of mates signed up for acting classes and would do it one night a week. Whenever friends were making short films we would all be involved.  We would all contribute in ways like money, building props or anything like that. So I’ve always had that interest in it but it was just a hobby.

So how did it go from being a hobby to getting a part in Neighbours?

Whilst I was doing it as a hobby I was doing casting auditions for music videos, short films and other stuff like that.  Neighbours came through just like another audition.  I went for the part and I just happened to look similar to my on screen brothers.

What has the fan reaction been like to Nate and Aaron’s relationship?

It has been really positive but you always have to be wary what the reaction is going to be like on social media. You have to be prepared for the negative stuff and we just haven’t seen it yet. Everyone loves the relationship as awkward as it, even though they aren’t the perfect fit everyone gets behind it.

Next week you can read the second part of my interview with Matt which will include the impact Hotel Death Trap week has on Aaron and his future plans.


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Written by: Ben Drummond
Apr 6th, 2016, 8:45 am

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