Simon Gregson reveals what's next for Steve

Simon Gregson reveals what's next for Steve on Coronation Street following his return from Spain. The show can be seen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on itv.

How is Steve feeling about his and Michelle’s relationship now he’s back?

He’s very excited to see her and then he was very confused at her attitude. He reckoned it was because she’s not forgiven him for being away in Spain for so long.

Does he have any idea she had something on her mind?

No, not at all. He has no idea. He knows she is distracted but he just thinks she is making him suffer for leaving her to look after everything whilst he was away.

What happens when Will and Saskia turn up?

Steve and Michelle are  in the back room and they burst in and it all comes out that something’s gone on between Michelle and Will. Saskia has found out and she wants Steve to know.

What’s Steve’s initial reaction?

Shock initially. He’s really shocked. He’s upset and hurt by it. It was the last thing he would have thought she would do even though he knew she was cross with him.

How does Michelle deal with the situation?

Michelle says it was only a kiss, Steve doesn’t know whether to believe her. Then he ends up believing her, but he’s stringing it out for as long as he can. He wants her to know he is suffering as a result of this coming out.

What happens when Will goes to the taxi office?

Will comes in and starts having a go at Steve and winding him up. Steve goes for him but he’s quickly reminded by his mate Tim that he’s hurt his arm, it’s in a sling, so Tim fights him instead.

How does Steve feel afterwards?

Steve learns that Will and Michelle haven’t just had a quick kiss, they were actually on the bed and he’s even more hurt.

What does this mean for Steve and Michelle’s relationship?

All that’s in Steve’s mind is that he can’t believe she’s done it and he’s going to keep stringing it out and he wants her to suffer for a bit. His confidence is gone a little bit and now he’s getting control back. He keeps on with the snide comments.

Why can’t he consider forgiving her?

Because he’s really hurt by it all.  It doesn’t help with the fact that Michelle only admitted to half of the story and there is obviously a lot more to it in the end.

What advice would you give Michelle and Steve if they were your friends?

First of all I’d remind Steve about how he went off with Becky and actually married her. Then I’d say to Michelle, what if your husband was in the Army or working on the oil rigs for six months. Would it be acceptable then? No, it would not. So they’re both as bad as each other, although Steve went a bit further - with marriage!

Are Steve and Michelle over?

It’s all up in the air at the very least, this is possibly the biggest test they have had and it came during a really tough twelve months for them so it will be interesting to see if they can work through it.

How are the viewers set to react if Steve refuses to forgive Michelle?

I think it’s going to be split. I think 80/90% love the Steve and Michelle thing but there are a few who don’t so I think the majority won’t want them to split up.

He’s not being very fair?

Well they’re both as bad as each other, although Steve did go a bit further and she forgave him!

What was it like to do the scenes with Leon?

It was very good, he’s a nice fella. We had a good laugh, the fight thing in the cab office was really funny.

Is it true you weren’t happy Michelle was set to have another man in her life?

There’s always banter between yourself and your on screen partner but I wasn’t unhappy in real life.

Did you keep up with Corrie while you were off?

Not all the time because it came slap bang in the middle of a busy time when we were having our third child.

Are you hoping Steve and Michelle get back together?

Yes, because me and Kym have a really good friendship, we have a very good laugh, she’s hilarious. Then again as an actor it is good to shake things up sometimes,

Is your scooter injury on the mend now?

I just got the all clear from the surgeon so I’ve got no excuse for the belly any more. It’s back to the gym.

Will you be taking it easier from now on?

No, I doubt it!

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Written by: Ben Drummond
Jun 1st, 2016, 8:58 am

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