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Sifl & Olly Return With Video Game Reviews on Machinima Channel

The Sily & Olly show developed a cult following after two short seasons on MTV from 1997-1999. The sock puppets aired music videos and starred in comedy sketches that forever are a part of MTV’s history. After ten years following its cancellation, creators Matt Crocco and Liam Lynch are reviving the famous sock puppets for a web series.

Sifl & Olly Game Reviews will premiere next week on the Machinima YouTube channel according to a preview video that hit YouTube today. The video shows the two puppets discussing game reviews for games that don’t actually exist. The sketches are intended to poke fun at the gaming community while getting laughs from viewers.

The puppets are a lifelong love of Lynch and Crocco who used the puppets since childhood to act out comedy audio bits. MTV UK was first to pick up the puppets as a half-hour show, with MTV US picking it up shortly after. Though the show declined quickly in popularity when it first aired, it’s become a cult classic since its DVD release. A third season was filmed, but it never made it to air. After years MTV released the secret episodes as a special DVD collection.

Despite the failed series, the friends haven’t strayed far from the entertainment industry. Lynch released the shortest single to top UK charts, while also working as a music video director. His resume includes videos for Foo Fighters, Tenacious D and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Crocco has since worked as a producer for a number of reality TV Shows.

Are you excited for the revival of Sifl & Olly?

- The Sifl & Olly Show

Written by: mawarner
Sep 2nd, 2012, 2:52 pm

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