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Is Snooki Getting Sued?


Yes, our tubby little guidette is being sued SRG Ventures for a whopping $7 million. While this might seem like chump change to the Kardashian sisters, for small-time reality show fry like Snooki, that's a lot of money. But the once roly-poly star doesn't seem fazed. Her spokesperson recently said that Snooki, "...looks forward to her day in court." Well the guidette's cat claws are out, and SRG is lawyering up. Why, we ask, would Snooki take on a task outside her role as a lovable demon in the Jersey Shore cast?

The answer is: she is not as rich as 'The Situation.' Come between a woman and her jealousies and its pretty much game over. But here's the real story:

The bump-it princess began courting SRG to license certain products with her name, oh-so-famous face, and now 98 lb. body. Products like a lingerie line, watches and jewelry, and a line of school supplies. Snooki liked the idea so much that she decided to put SRG on hold, and shop behind their backs for a better deal. Sound like a move the Jersey Shore star would do? We think so.

Snooki and her team think they have a good case, because she just says so. She wants more money, and if she is not as rich as ‘The Situation’ then there will be a problem.

As a result she's being sued for, well, being stupid. It's common business practice (ie not guidette practice) to maintain integrity and accept or reject the offer put on the table. Sneaking around and stealing ideas and all that should be saved for nights of drinking and wild romping on MTV.

The fifth and newest season of Jersey Shore airs on Monday, January 5th, 2012. Hopefully the pint-sized star is bringing in more dough this season, or she starts taking off her clothes, because it looks like this might be a hard one to fight. While we might watch Snooki and team on MTV’s network as a guilty pleasure, acting like a baby and pulling a temper tantrum in the real world is likely to cost a pretty penny.

- Jersey Shore
- Nicole Polizzi
- Mike Sorrentino

Written by: AlyssaIdeboen
Dec 21st, 2011, 4:17 am

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