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"EpicMealTime" Makes Jump From YouTube to G4

Any time you dip your French fries in a milk shake and you feel gross about it, YouTube sensation “EpicMealTime” reminds us there’s far worst food you could be consuming. It’s not uncommon for creator Harley Morenstein and friends to deep fry a hot dog wrapped in bacon, or eat a McDonald’s Double Quarterpounder with a Double Cheeseburger inside it. It’s these creations that attracted over 275 million viewers to date, drawing interest for the cable network G4. The popular YouTube show is now under development for a weekly G4 show, with The Soup’s Jay James, Gregory Heller and KP Anderson backing the project. Darren Morenstein and Evan Rimer are also listed as executive producers on the pilot script. Fans of the popular YouTube channel are excited about the project, but apprehensive as well. Once a popular Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account make the transition to television, it’s possible it could bomb. The Internet has no boundaries unlike social networks. Remember “&$*@ My Dad Says?” It started as a son documenting the ridiculous things his retired dad said all day long. The account had million of followers, so it developed into a book. Soon after CBS picked up the pilot and completely took the humor out of the idea, starting with the censored title. The show hardly made it a season before CBS pulled the plug on a show that could be great if it was on cable (and had a better cast). Can “EpicMealTime” be successful on G4? Most definitely. The important factor the producers need to consider is keeping the same format as the YouTube channel, just longer to fit a time slot. DO NOT CHANGE what people love and just as many people will tune into the television version.

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 20th, 2011, 12:59 pm


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Message Posted On Dec 20th, 2011, 1:35 pm

Not a big fan of the show on youtube, but it certainly has its loyal followers. If anything, it shows that networks are taking thse video stars seriously.