Review: Dexter 7.07 'Chemistry'

Dexter Season 7, Episode 7 "Chemistry"


Last we saw our ‘hero,' he was giving Hannah a bit of the ol’ in-and-out  in a scene that changed the way we will view Dexter’s kill table for the rest of the series run. Hannah showed no fear in the face of death and that did something to Dexter – perhaps for the first time in his adult life he was actually “turned on.” How would this week’s episode build on their burgeoning romance (if you can even call it that)?

The first image we see of Hannah kissing Dexter’s arm and grabbing his knife was creepy. The dialog and delivery of Dexter confessing what he does was pretty well done. I am not a serial killer (that you know of), so I am not sure why having sex and threatening to kill each other is hot, but for Dexter and Hannah, it was pretty freaking hot. Does anyone else keep waiting for Chuck to show up and save Hannah/Sarah? Hannah asks Dexter is he is going to try to kill her again…I hate those morning after chats like that.

Hannah doesn’t care why Dexter is what he is. Not to give the writers too much credit, but it really is an interesting counterpoint to how he was with Rita and with Lumen. I would love to see Lumen return to Miami now and further complicate this little situation.

Deb and biographer boy talk about Hannah at the same time Dexter is getting to know her better. It is a little too convenient, isn’t it? However, that fits the show the last few seasons – the path of least resistance and less necessary critical thought from the audience. The biographer, Price, catches Dexter with Hannah and I think Dexter is going to have to put him on the table – the old way (unless somebody beats him to it).

Dexter later has a conversation with Hannah where he learns they have different views of killing. He kills because he likes it – she kills because of survival of the fittest. Dexter isn’t convinced that Price has to die, while Hannah disagrees. They say goodbye, forever, never ever again to meet, this is it, the final farewell, etc…

Deb tries to convince LaGuerta that her thoughts and feelings for Doakes are clouding her mind with the blood slides. LaGuerta considers the possibility, but I don’t think it is enough to end that storyline. Of course, interesting storyline Louis is dead, so the writer's opinion of what is interesting differs from mine.

The lieutenant also learns that Hannah didn’t have an autopsy done on her late husband. The next-of-kin (Hannah) didn’t have them done, so he has no tissue left. Thus, no tests can be done on the body. Hannah did her homework. Deb shares this with Price – her life is just one big collection of conflicts of interest.

Hannah sits down with Price and does an interview, where it seems like she is spilling the beans. While this goes on, Dexter (once again ‘working’) goes through Prices house and gets DNA, in the desperate search to give his screwed up set of morals a reason to kill the guy. He deletes Price’s info on Hannah, trying to protect his boo.

The evidence against Isaac vanishes and everyone tries to figure out what happened. Quinn is in hot water and needs a miracle to get out of this self-inflected wound. Dexter heads out to get a new sample of DNA and finds a contaminated crime scene. Isaac is going to walk and Dexter is going to be in deep poop – just like at the club.

Isaac shows up and tells Dexter that he is coming for him. He knows Dexter killed Victor. He swears Dexter won’t one-up him again and thinks he has figured out what drives Dexter – that Dexter is “a different kind of animal.” The vivid details of the murder of Victor shake Isaac. While a lot of what this season is doing suck, this storyline is great. I wish there was more of it, but the slow build is working. I like wanting more.

Price shows up at Dexter’s and dies. It seems Hannah killed him. Eh. Deb thinks Hannah killed Price and tells Dexter. Deb intends to bring Hannah in and swears she won’t get away with it. What a tangled web we weave. Deb’s interview with Hannah shows her typical A+ police work and professionalism. Like that would ever happen in real police work, without a lawyer next to Hannah with the kind of charges Deb accuses Hannah of.

Is Hannah setting Dexter up to take the fall? Hannah admits to killing Price and learns that Dexter deleted Price’s work against her. They both get turned on by their mutual care for one another and I roll my eyes. Nothing abnormal is found in Price’s autopsy and Deb is furious that Hannah is going to skate again.

Deb tells Dexter at the end of the show that she wants Dexter to kill Hannah. Remember when this season began and Deb was sick thinking of what her big brother did? Me neither. 

This week’s show was up and down. I liked it better than the last few episodes, but there were a lot of sloppy ends. A C- at best.

Next week I am going to be a little late with the review, as I will not be watching Sunday night. I will try to get it out before Thanksgiving though, so you all can enjoy the holiday without finding yourself wondering what letter grade I gave the episode. Spoiler alert: Picture a D or less and you will be close, I am sure.

- Jennifer Carpenter
- Yvonne Strahovski
- Michael C. Hall
- Dexter

Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 11th, 2012, 7:52 pm

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