X Factor Double Elimination: Who got the boot?

"X Factor" broke hearts last night as two of the top seven went home. In a double elimination contenders Astro and Drew Ryniewicz were cut. Astro who was the first to leave.He simply stated how much he enjoyed his time on "X Factor". Drew on the other hand was already nervous. Hear worst fears materialized when she become one of the bottom three.

Drew sang a slow ballad, "Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette. She may have been saved if she had only sung an uptempo song. This choice seemed to confirm the judges doubts about her performance. In an unusual twist of events Simon Cowell took responsiblity for Drew's tumble. Saying that his song choice may have been what cut Drew's time short in the competition. He acknowledged her start power and said it was a big mistake.

How are fans reacting? Justin Beiber said on twitter, ""@drewryniewicz keep your head up. I lost my first competition too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes." Former X-Factor Finalist Cari Fletcher made this statement via twitter, "I think X Factor is definitely going to lose a ton of viewers especially after tonight. Do you agree?"

When Simon Cowell tells viewers that they made a mistake, you have to wonder if it is true. Cowell is notorious for slinging insults and criticism at every contestant that crosses his stage. He has made contestants cry on numerous occasions.This is what makes this double "X Factor elimination" so bitter-sweet. For once we can see Cowell has a softer side, but his normally sensitive fellow judges are the ones who give Drew the boot. Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzingerr could not be swayed last night and so Drew found herself out of the competition.

How disappointed were you with the "X Factor" elimination of Drew Ryniewicz and Astro? It seems that fans are reacting negatively to their dismissal threatening to stop watching the show.Are you in that number? If not, Which contestants are you rooting for in the top 5?





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Written by: susans
Dec 2nd, 2011, 3:24 pm

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