X Factor’s Steve Jones too Sexy for Ellen

X Factor’s Steve Jones appeared on Ellen this week, but what did his abs have to do with it? X Factor is facing some serious upheaval from fans this week. Death threats have appeared on Twitter for Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. Meanwhile, Jones takes the time to do a strip tease on Ellen.



Jones sat down with Ellen and discussed the difficulty of moving the show along. Especially when Paula wants to keep talking endlessly. He reveals that the hardest part of his job is getting the judges to shut up!


After some Q & A Ellen asks the X Factor host to model her promotional t-shirt. Jones agrees and this is when the audience gets a peek at that build. Just for fun Ellen throws up an embarrassing photo from Jones modeling days.  You can see all the action in the following clip.



Steve Jones is hoping for a second year as host of X Factor in the US. He has defended himself in the press for his “rudeness”. Is this a case of culture clash? You have to consider the fact that Producer Simon Cowell has made a good living by being quite rude to contestants. Do you think Jones has crossed the line?


Jones only had this to say when discussing the Drew Ryniewicz situation, "I know there is a lot of money and a lot of fame at stake. But still, everybody just chill out please. It's a TV show,"


X Factor returns tonight as the Top 5 give it their all. It will be the first time all four judges have been together to discuss last weeks votes. While we won’t be getting an apology at least we will get a statement. Do you think Paula and Nicole will speak out about their decision to cut Drew? Do you want them to admit they made a mistake?



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Written by: susans
Dec 7th, 2011, 5:58 am

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