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Next Iron Chef Exclusive: Cat Cora Interview

Next Iron Chef serves up a delicious new episode tonight on Food Network. There are only five chefs left and one more will get chopped tonight. This week's challenge is an ingredient auction. Not only will the contestants have to bid for their ingredients, but they will also be competing on the time it will take them to cook their dish.

In a new interview Cat Cora dishes to reporters while on set for Iron Chef America. At one point Cora candidly reveals who she is rooting for. Her hope is that the Next Iron Chef will be a woman. She had these words to say about the current competition.

This year's Next Iron Che features some of the strongest female contestants yet. Anne Burell has an advantage due to her work as Iron Chef Batali's sous chef. She is facing down some strong competitors. The Chefs remaining are Anne Burell,Elizabeth Falkner,Geoffrey Zakarian, Michael Chiarello, and Alex Guarnaschelli. Who do you think will win the competition?

They have added some extra spice to Next Iron Chef this year by adding an elimination round. The bottom two chefs must compete every episode.At the end of the episode the loser eliminated. Is this fair play? Many of the chefs in the premiere discussed how embarrassing being in the bottom two would be. Every chef is facing down a double humiliation if they lose. Last week it was Marcus Samuelsson's turn to go after his loss to Chef Falkner in battle Bagel.

Another new edition to the fourth season of Next Iron Chef is Judy Joo. Chef Joo is a female Iron Chef featured on the UK version. She also has several food network shows on their British Food Nework channel. There are only three episodes left and five chefs. The heat is on tonight on Food Network prime time. Who will be the next to go? The Next Iron Chef airs at 9pm on Food Network.

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Written by: susans
Dec 4th, 2011, 6:45 am

Images courtesy of Food Network

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