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Sex tape featuring 'Buckwild' stars being shopped around

An on- again, off- again couple from “Buckwild” apparently made a sex tape, and the video is apparently being shopped around.


Shae Bradley was a regular cast member, and Jesse frequestly appeared on the recently- canceled MTV show.

The tape reportedly features the two engaged in “trailer park sex.”

The show’s producers were apparently aware of the tape’s existence prior to the show being filmed, but told the couple to be mum about it.

"Yes there is a sex tape and I regret making it with someone who I obviously couldn't trust and is looking to exploit the relationship we had," Bradley told TMZ.

The show was canceled after Shain Gandee died. Gandee, 21, was found dead April 1 along with his uncle and a friend in his vehicle. They had apparently been off- roading (or mudding) in a remote area in West Virginia. Carbon monoxide poisoning was ruled the cause of death by the local sheriff, most likely from the vehicle’s tailpipe being stuck in the mud.

Farrah Abraham from “Teen Mom” is also involved in a sex tape scandal. Vivid Video’s Steve Hirsch is looking to acquire the rights to it, but reportedly can’t meet Abraham’s $2 million price.

- Buck Wild
- Teen Mom

Written by: KurtK26
Apr 16th, 2013, 11:43 am

Images courtesy of MTV

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