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TLC confirms pickup of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’

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I don’t often have to wonder about my family history. My white-as-a-ghost complexion and freckles immediately give away my Irish and Scottish lineage, if my incredibly Irish grandparents already didn’t. However, not everyone is force fed stories of immigration and horse-thief great grandparents from birth. For some, celebrities included, finding out about their roots is a very enlightening adventure – made all the more entertaining when we can sit at home and watch!

For those of you who are as nosy as I am, the good news is that the docu-reality series Who Do You Think You Are has found new life on TLC a year after being cancelled by NBC. Compared to TLC’S other reality television shows (Honey Boo Boo, anyone?) Who Do You Think You Are is an intelligent and interesting break from the norm.

Eight one-hour long episodes of the series have been ordered and production is underway just in time for a July 23rd premiere. The new season will feature family history seeking celebs such as Christina Applegate, Cindy Crawford, Zooey Deschanel and Chris O’Donnell.

Lisa Kudrow, who directs and executive produces the series alongside Dan Bucatinsky, says that she always felt that the series was cut too soon. “I’ve never stopped hearing about how much people love ‘Who Do You Think You Are?,’ and I’ve always known that we’ve had more great stories to share,” said Kudrow. “TLC is a great home for the series, and we join our excited celebrity participants as we unearth some amazing background and surprising histories,” added Bucatinsky.

Are you happy to hear that Who Do You Think You Are is making a television comeback? 

- Who Do You Think You Are? (US)
- Dan Bucatinsky
- Lisa Kudrow

Written by: Rachel Anne
May 22nd, 2013, 6:22 pm

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