Glee Sectional Performances Sneak Peeks

Gleeks, are you ready for the big standoff? This season saw the choir break up into two new groups; The Trouble Tones and New Directions. These sneak peeks from Perez Hiltion are showing both choirs in fine form for tomorrow night.

The performance by the Trouble Tones will get you excited. They are performing an unbelievable mash-up of I Will Survive/ Survivor! Honestly, you would not think these two mega hits would go so well together. It is a must see showdown on Fox.

Of course Glee has been about the struggles of New Directions. Will the sectionals be the performance that heals the rift? It seems implausible that one would move on in the competition without the other. Is it wrong to hope that the gang gets their act together?

The possibilities to milk the current storyline are endless. Perhaps the break up will continue all the way to regionals. If you think about it, uniting against a common enemy is a sure-fire way to heal a divide. Could their long-time rivals,  Vocal Adrenaline, be coming back? Or maybe it is VA's struggles to find a new coach that will get this group feeling sympathetic about their own plight.

There is still plenty more coming up this year for Glee. There is already been a press release for the Christmas episode. It includes pictures of the cast members with... Chewbecca?? It is a throwback to the cheezy Christmas episodes of yore, well the 1970s at least.

Well Gleeks, what do you think of the season so far? The split is entertaining to say the least. How it is all going to end this year is still a mystery. Who else wants to see the Glee gang get back together and kick some booty at regionals? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

- Glee

Written by: susans
Dec 5th, 2011, 6:28 pm


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