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IFC Renews 'Maron' for Second Season

It's official: IFC has renewed comedy series 'Maron' for a second season. 

The series, which wrapped its ten-episode first season last month, will be returning for a thirteen-episode second season on the network next year. 

The series was created by and stars Marc Maron, an underground comedian perhaps best known for creating and hosting the podcast 'WTF with Marc Maron,' in which he interviews various celebrities and fellow comedians. The podcast's most recent episode, which featured guest Thom Yorke, promised that big news was happening for the series this week. Lo and behold, we're getting more 'Maron.' 

The series followed Marc through his complex and often frustrating personal life, with episodes featuring Marc confronting an internet troll, becoming an AA sponsor for a hardened criminal (Danny Trejo), and attempting to remove a dead possum from his crawl space. The season's best arc, though, featured Marc dealing with the maybe-but-probably-not crazy Jen (Nora Zehetner), Marc's maybe-girlfriend (there was a lot of uncertainty). That storyline, presented through the eyes of Maron's rather unreliable narrator, was perfect at making its audience reconsider everything that had come before and admit that they might have been wrong. 

In fact, in a year full of great new television shows, 'Maron' might rank as one of the best. While it doesn't have the unpredictability of Maron's friend Louis C.K.'s show, it's a uniquely intimate series in which Maron isn't afraid to expose his own flaws and insecurities in a way that he can't through stand-up comedy. I'm very excited for the show's second season, because I can't wait to see in which direction the show goes next. 

'Maron' season 2 will premiere on IFC in 2014. To hear more of Marc Maron, you can find his podcast, 'WTF,' on iTunes. 

- Marc Maron
- Maron

Written by: mcpherson
Jul 24th, 2013, 5:29 am

Images courtesy of IFC

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