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Weekly Fang Girls: Allyson & Kelly’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Bite


Weekly Fang Girls: Allyson & Kelly’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Bite


Hello, and welcome, to our suck-ulent weekly feature surrounding one of our favorite vamp-tastic shows: ‘The Vampire Diaries’! We can’t get enough of vampire shows involving insanely attractive people, and can you really blame us?

So, if you’re a ‘TVD’ fan and are obsessed with the bloody good show, then be sure to join us weekly, where we’ll not only provide a roundup of every episode, but also break down what each Mystic Falls character is up to that week. Like, why can’t Jeremy be shirtless in every episode? Or, are all vampires/werewolves/hybrids/witches beautiful creatures?

Sit back, relax, and get your vervaine and blood bags ready for our weekly ‘TVD’ installment. Warning: spoilers follow, so if you have yet to tune into this week’s episode, "True Lies," get running like a vampire’s hunting you.

-Is Elena majoring in Nancy Drew? She’s quite the detective. Other than finding out a professor, Dr. Maxfield aka Dr. Dick-field, forged Megan’s autopsy report, Elena also learned that the professor was in awe of her father. Do you find him “creepy” a “hottie” or a little bit of both?
-So, does anyone else think Elena and Stefan are connected in some supernatural way? After all, she did have a pit in her stomach all summer long that something was wrong with her former flame.
-Even though Elena declared her love for Damon at episode’s end, she did torture the crap out of him thanks to Silas’ mind control. No matter what, these two definitely have a hot and heavy relationship.

-Silas may not be able to understand why Elena’s with Damon, but I sure can. I have to agree with Damon as well as his response to Silas, “That’s because you haven’t had sex with me.”
-Never fear, Damon’s smolder still reappears in every episode, as do his witty one-liners aka his response to Caroline’s freakout over him seeing her in a towel: “Caroline, no one cares!”
-Yes, Damon can be harsh i.e. he told Elena he didn’t care about Bonnie’s dad being dead. I can’t help but feel for him, especially when his heart is set on finding his brother. Aww, brotherly love!

-Paul Wesley has really perfected his agonizing drowning face these past two episodes. So that’ll be a nice little addition to add to the ole resume. (How has he not started to waste away by now?)
-Those hallucinations with Elena were almost enough to wish these two were back together. Almost. (Team Damon forever!)
-The Ripper is back! THE RIPPER IS BACK! Stefan’s out and he’s hungry, so there’s no telling what he’ll do. Get ready! Also: any guesses as to who cut him loose? My guess is Silas since it should keep Damon and Elena busy (and therefore, out of his way). AHH! So excited!

-So far, College Caroline is my favorite Caroline. Sure, her roommate just died and there could be a vampire conspiracy on campus, but let’s not have that stand in the way of drinking and making bad decisions about boys! She’s like the Regina George of Whitmore. And she’s majoring in Drama, you guys!
-Her interaction with Damon was priceless: “Damon! Towel! Knock!” The guy saw it all in Season 1, my dear.
-All-in-all her lines were just killing it this week. She even made a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’-like reference when she came back to the dorm room and saw Damon and Elena both bound on chairs. “We need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit.” Hilarious.

-We might be shipping Matt and Katherine, but did anyone else feel the sexual tension between Katherine and Jeremy? No? Was it just me? I know it’s kind of creepy, since Katherine looks exactly like Elena, but weirder things have happened.
-If you were worried Jeremy’s muscles just appeared overnight, no worries, because as he declared to Silas, “I work out.”
-Finally, we got to see Jeremy’s hunter skills -- and biceps -- in action during that fight scene with Silas. There’s nothing better than two hotties wrestling around threatening to spill blood.

-Yep, Bonnie’s still dead and no one knows it except for Jeremy.
-Bonnie’s little visit on the other side with Matt was heartfelt. Too bad he won’t remember it, or their hug.
-Bonnie finally revealed she’s not ready to be dead, or to deal with her father’s death. I don’t think Bonnie fans are ready for her to be six feet under either.

-Did anyone scream when Silas broke Matt’s neck even though you knew he was wearing the Gilbert ring? No? Just me?
-His genuine concern for everything Bonnie’s going through with her dad’s death (not to mention her own) was such a sweet moment and made me love him even more. Plus, the guy looks like he gives AMAZING hugs. Sign me up!
-Are the Gypsies/Travelers still inside Matt’s head or did that end when he temporarily died? I’m guessing the latter.
-I really hope there’s more Matt-Katherine scenes in the near future. Can we start shipping these two yet?

-Absolutely loved her little road trip with Matt and Jeremy. The realization that she’s “the frickin moonstone” was a nice nod to Season 2 and something only hardcore ‘TVD’ fans could fully appreciate.
-Kudos to Katherine for properly appreciating Matt’s gorgeous baby blues. Double kudos for still not feeling like she needs to run a brush through that hair of hers. Work it, girl!
-She may be human now, but the girl is still a badass. And now that she’s on the side of the good guys (even staying to help fight off Silas instead of running) we could be in for a whole new side of Miss Pierce.

-It looks like we have a new team on our hands -- Silas and Nadia aka the Gypsy/Traveler. What do these two have in store for our favorite Mystic Falls residents? Oh, you know, probably torture, blood, murder and heartache.
-Silas is really good at this whole mind control thing. Not only did he convince Elena he was Stefan, but he also got her to torture Damon. I have a feeling he wouldn’t last in a long-term relationship.
-Silas was finally shocked this episode. When trying to control Matt and read his mind, he couldn’t! Boom! Blindside! Though, in true Silas fashion, he just killed Matt and moved on.

Be sure to come back next week for another installment of 'Weekly Fang Girls,' and definitely don't miss 'The Vampire Diaries' every Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

-Written by Allyson Koerner (Elena, Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie, Silas) and Kelly Schremph (Stefan, Caroline, Matt, Katherine)

- The Vampire Diaries
- CW

Written by: akoerner
Oct 11th, 2013, 12:57 am

Images courtesy of The CW

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