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The Walking Dead season 4


It's finally back!

Last night, AMC kicked off the fourth season of their wildly-popular zombie-survival drama 'The Walking Dead.' As we all saw in the first episode, months have passed between the close of the third season and this new Season; the prison is being transformed into a home, the Woodbury residents are helping out our beloved group of survivors and somewhere along the way Michonne got a horse. Rick has carved his own little slice of American farmland out in the middle of a world filled with ravenous dead and we couldn't be happier for him... but then the ending of the first episode showed up that there may be a threat that the fence can't keep out. 

AMC has released three videos to tease next week's episode. The first one is more of a general look at the road ahead for our heroes as Season 4 gets underway: 


This next one is a scene from the second episode of the fourth season entitled "Infected":


And this third one was released by AMC, but only to be aired on 'Talking Dead,' the talk show that follows each episode of 'The Walking Dead,' so the video below is a poor-quality recording. Still, it's a pretty creepy scene that shows a mystery person behaving quite oddly, so it's worth taking a peek: 

The next episode of 'The Walking Dead' airs this coming Sunday. In the meantime, have you entered our 'The Walking Dead' party pack giveaway sweepstakes? It's completely free to enter and we're giving away great 'The Walking Dead' prizes!

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Written by: bad_subject
Oct 14th, 2013, 8:20 am

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Message Posted On Oct 14th, 2013, 1:21 pm
I can't understand what AMC gains from not making the trailers available in all countries...
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