Weekly Fang Girls: Allyson & Kelly’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Bite


Weekly Fang Girls: Allyson & Kelly’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Bite


Hello, and welcome, to our suck-ulent weekly feature surrounding one of our favorite vamp-tastic shows: ‘The Vampire Diaries’! We can’t get enough of vampire shows involving insanely attractive people, and can you really blame us?

So, if you’re a ‘TVD’ fan and are obsessed with the bloody good show, then be sure to join us weekly, where we’ll not only provide a roundup of every episode, but also break down what each Mystic Falls character is up to that week. Like, why can’t Jeremy be shirtless in every episode? Or, are all vampires/werewolves/hybrids/witches beautiful creatures?

Sit back, relax, and get your vervaine and blood bags ready for our weekly ‘TVD’ installment. Warning: spoilers follow, so if you have yet to tune into this week’s episode, "Dead Man on Campus," get running like a vampire’s hunting you.

-I don’t know, Elena was kind of annoying me during this episode, if I’m being completely honest. Putting Damon on hold to talk to another guy was pretty rude and something I’m sure no other girl in the world would do. Seriously, what gives, girl?
-I will give her credit for saving Damon’s life over Jesse’s. Don’t get me wrong, Jesse was great and I’m definitely going to miss his hunkiness, but nothing takes higher priority than the Smolderholder...not even food or oxygen. (Okay maybe oxygen since I, myself, am not a vampire. But you get the point.)
-Anyone else have a feeling something’s going to happen between Elena and Aaron? I feel like these looks run deeper than just friendship. Though I am SUPER curious to learn more about Aaron’s parents. They were obviously killed by vampires, but the fact that Wes took it upon himself to become his legal guardian makes me think there’s definitely more to this story than meets the eye. I mean...given what we’ve learned this week could the vampire have been Damon? Fill me in, writers!

-All I have to say is, Damon better keep an eye on Elena and Aaron. Anyone else think she flirts WAY too much with other guys?
-Damon pulled a little Frankenstein in this week’s episode by injecting Dr. Maxfield with all sorts of disease-filled goodies. In typical Damon fashion, he enjoyed it immensely.
-I know Damon isn’t on the best of terms with Stefan, but he really needs to give his brother a hug. I’m ready for the Salvatore brothers to unite!
-So...Damon is an Augustine vampire? Wait, what?! There’s just so much we don’t know about this dark and mysterious Salvatore! How long do you think someone realizes Damon is missing and trapped in his old cell? Is he going to have similar PTSD symptoms like Stefan? Will they have to attend therapy together? So many questions, and so little answers.

-I was happy to see that Stefan has advanced from shattering glass to completely tarnishing Damon’s favorite reading chair. Progress! (Only kidding, I’m still very worried about him and his PTSD probs.) Also, if you’re going to sweat profusely in front of a roaring fire at least have the decency to take your shirt off for us. Please and thank you!
-I am completely on board with this whole Stefan-Katherine dynamic. And how about when he caught her in his arms after her attempted suicide? So much swooning, you guys! And Katherine was really feeling it too, you could tell. Probably because of the whole face-touching thing. That’d do it for me. I’ve already re-watched this scene like three times. Okay, was four.
-Anyone else catch the potential symmetry of Stefan being a ripper when it comes to human blood and Damon being a potential ripper with vampire blood? I’m intrigued!

-A huge thanks to Jeremy and Bonnie for redefining the term “register for classes.” If that’s what registering for classes really meant, I think all college kids would enjoy it, especially if it was with Jeremy.
-Who else was happy to see Jeremy get some action this episode?
-Despite Bonnie stopping her hotness with Jeremy to help Jesse, and Jeremy finally learning the consequences of being the anchor, the two still managed to register for ALL their classes -- if you know what I mean.

-Now that Bonnie’s back (well, as the anchor), she’s sporting a fierce new shorter do. This girl can totally rock a bob!
-Despite the major downs of “helping” supernatural beings to the other side, Bonnie did have a sentimental moment with a supernatural spirit across the veil. Not only did Bonnie have to feel the spirit’s pain while crossing through her body, but she also got to see her at peace. I guess there are some perks to the anchor job?
-It’s great to see Bonnie admit that she’s “madly in love” with Jeremy. Who wouldn’t be?
-Bonnie, we need to talk. The no. 1 rule when you’re getting it on with shirtless Jeremy = DO NOT STOP TO HELP A VAMPIRE CROSS TO THE OTHER SIDE. Seriously? You pushed Jer to the side to help poor Jesse? Girl, Jeremy deserves more respect than that.

-Yay, Matt’s back! Boy have I missed those baby blues. I loved how he was just standing behind the bar, watching the video of himself getting possessed by Gregor. Way to earn that paycheck, my friend! Katherine needs more alcohol!
-It was so great how super chill Matt was about the fact that a “spirit thing” has basically burrowed itself in his brain, much like a human parasite. No big deal, right? Thank goodness Katherine speaks Czech and could translate the video.
-OMG Katherine stabbed Matt. I mean, I figured Matt would end up being okay, but still. We only have a few precious humans left on this show. Treat with care, people! (Also, RIP Gregor and Matt’s Russian accent. You will be missed.)

-Who else loved watching Caroline flaunt alcohol in Bonnie’s face while she was sending her mom a video message? Caroline is definitely one girl I’d love to party with!
-Caroline just can’t catch a break when it comes to guys. First, Tyler leaves. Then, Caroline and Jesse finally bond, but now he’s dead thanks to Elena. Who’s ready for Klaus and/or Stefan to sweep Caroline off her feet?
-I know Caroline said she isn’t really mad at Elena for killing Jesse, or for saying old Elena wouldn’t have done it, but she’s still somewhat holding a grudge -- right? Maybe it’s just me, but I sense some major friend trouble brewing.
-Caroline was brutally honest this week. In addition to telling Elena that Damon is dangerous and the wrong guy for her, she also belted out this little beauty (on speaking the truth): “The day that I stop telling you, is the day that we’re no longer best friends. I hope that day never comes.”

-Again, I can’t convey enough about how much I loved this week’s amount of Katherine-Stefan screen time. And she’s basically Stefan’s therapist now, which is great. Though, I was a little confused why having him list all of his kills served as a means of calming him down from all the drowning flashbacks. How about just recalling some nice memories. No? Am I crazy?
-So yeah, Katherine killed Nadia’s beau, Gregor, and she is not happy about it. So...that relationship is going to take some work.
-Katherine’s father used to be a Traveler, which explains why Katherine knows so much about them. Interesting! Perhaps we’ll get a little backstory on that in the future. *fingers crossed*

Be sure to come back next week for another installment of 'Weekly Fang Girls,' and definitely don't miss 'The Vampire Diaries' every Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

-Written by Allyson Koerner (Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline) and Kelly Schremph (Elena, Stefan, Matt, Katherine)

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Written by: akoerner
Nov 22nd, 2013, 7:05 am

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Message Posted On Nov 22nd, 2013, 8:19 am
I still don't like Bonnie, although her hair was cute.
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