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‘Ravenswood’ Winter Premiere: 5 Teasers from ‘Revival’



Who’s ready for the second half of ABC Family’s supernatural thriller series ‘Ravenswood’? Well, new episodes are approaching quickly (the season returns Tuesday, Jan. 7), and to hold you over, I have some teasers from the winter premiere titled “Revival.”

Before we dive in to the goodness, let’s talk about where ‘Ravenswood’ last left us. First, Caleb died and came back to life with possible feelings for ghost Miranda (I’m pretty sure all Haleb fans are shedding tears). With many questions still left unanswered. the audience did learn that Olivia’s boyfriend, Dillon, is up to no good and is working with creepy little girl ghost Max. I think it’s safe to say things are going to get even more chill-inducing, and even Brett Dier, who plays Luke Matheson, agrees.

Regarding the upcoming episode, which I was lucky enough to watch early, let’s just say that it’s (and I imagine the rest of the season will do the same) not slacking on ravens, scarecrows, flashbacks, the curse and Remy’s sleepwalking. Now, here are five teaser from the winter premiere. Enjoy!

1. Not only do we get even more flashbacks of original Miranda and original Caleb, and their love for one another, but the flashbacks elaborate a little bit more on the curse.

2. Mr. Collins is back and even creepier. Let’s just say he does a good job at making an orchid look scary.

3. Remy + insomnia + nightmares + sleepwalking = one very bad cup of coffee. Trust me, you’ll know what I mean after you watch the episode.

4. We finally get some girl bonding between Miranda and Olivia (who, might I add, has grown and now has major gumption). Oh, and Caleb and Luke’s “friendship” is growing. Do I smell a bromance?

5. This really isn’t a major teaser, but as you might have seen from the winter promo, Miranda is indeed wearing different clothes from the last time we saw her. Do ghosts have a wardrobe and can they change their clothes?

Be sure to tune in to the winter premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 9/8c right after the return of ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

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Written by: akoerner
Jan 3rd, 2014, 3:24 am

Images courtesy of ABC Family, Patti Perret


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Then it sees a single season?
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