'Better Call Saul' Characters Revealed


'Better Call Saul' Characters Revealed


The darkly-comic, morally-ambiguous, and always entertaining world of Saul Goodman is slowly starting to come into clearer focus, as today ‘Better Call Saul’ characters were divulged.

Showbiz411 got the word on who will be joining the titular lawyer (Bob Odenkirk) and his beloved associate Mike Erhmantraut (Jonathan Banks) in this much-anticipated AMC ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off.

There will be Dr. Thurber, a brilliant attorney in his 50s encumbered by an unusual affliction. Beth is also a successful lawyer, but hard luck and a romantic entanglement with someone at the firm has complicated her life.

Another character is Burt, described as a “Kennedy type” who is a partner at the firm and a big winner in life all around.

We also have Eddy, a savvy Spanish-speaking criminal, as well as Zach and Luke, a pair of twins around 20 years old who spend their days skateboarding and swindling. They all seem right up Goodman’s alley.

These characters have yet to be cast, and there continues to be the option and potential for both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to reprise their ‘Breaking Bad’ roles in cameos. Both have expressed interest in making an appearance.

The spin-off is ostensibly a ‘Breaking Bad’ prequel, but just as creator Vince Gilligan has been coy about whether or not Cranston and Paul will show up, he too has speculated the show could jump around in time.

‘Better Call Saul’ will debut this fall.

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Apr 3rd, 2014, 3:05 pm

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"Where's Hueli??"

My thoughts exactly!  They seem to be forgetting him, I guess.


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Where's Hueli??

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