Season 3

21 :03x01 - Garden of Evil

A landscaper ends up becoming obsessed with one of his clients and refuses to take no for an answer.

22 :03x02 - Exposed

A man starts to film Hannah through a window and his threatening behavior reaches a new level culminating in a violent confrontation.

23 :03x03 - A Dangerous Mind

After being fired, a heroin-addicted psychiatric nurse called Denis Czajkowski becomes obsessed with his former supervisor and holds her hostage for two days.

24 :03x04 - Burning Love

Yvette and Roger's marriage is over but he cannot bear to see her with another man and decides to kill her in front of her work colleagues.

25 :03x05 - The Devil in the Pews

As she recovers from a brain tumor, Jennifer is visited by a member of her congregation, an ex-convict named Bill, but her gratitude soon becomes scary as it becomes obvious Bill wants to own her.

26 :03x06 - Beauty in the Bronx

Evimer runs into a handsome stranger called Ramon and she falls deeply in love. He soon becomes jealous and violent, convinced that if he can't have her then nobody can.

27 :03x07 - Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

Sarah dates a handsome pastor who is hiding some shocking secrets and who is prepared to silence her and her whole family to stop her from leaving him.

28 :03x08 - Campaign Trail of Fears

A pilot stalks a Texas politician and his wife wanting to destroy their relationship.