Season 2

Secrets Revealed Part 1

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Secrets Revealed Part 2

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11 :02x01 - The High Road

Jill goes back to work as she pays a visit to the fashion magazine where she used to work, but she is not welcomed back with open arms.

12 :02x02 - Fasting and Furious

Jill's parents show up to help celebrate Yom Kippur and to take care of a matter of life and death.

13 :02x03 - Hamming It Up

Fed up with being the last people on Earth not to have seen ``Hamilton,'' Jill and Vanessa take part in a desperate quest to get tickets in time for actor Lin-Manuel Miranda's last performance.

14 :02x04 - Crushed

At Andy's insistence, Jill reluctantly learns to drive with the help of a cute instructor who isn't as perfect as he appears. As Brooke's flagship store opening approaches, she must decide whether or not to invite Lex.

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15 :02x05 - The O.D.D. Couple

Miles' behavioral issues cause Jill and Andy to seek advice from a child psychologist (Meredith Vieira), who is eager to shift her focus from Miles to Jill and Andy. Meanwhile, Jill and Vanessa have a friendship crisis over Game of Thrones.

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16 :02x06 - Knock of Shame

During a historic blizzard, Jill and Andy find the family of their dreams - Meredith (Drew Barrymore) and Brad (John Hodgman), and their three kids - without even leaving their apartment building. Meredith's as irreverent as Jill, Brad's as unpretentious as Andy, and their kids get along like a house on fire. It's a perfect match. Until it's not...

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17 :02x07 - TBA

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