[email protected]#K the Big Chiller - Recap

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Christian and the others emerge from The Shaft to find widespread devastation in the wake of Wolfe's escape. As Cross calls it in, Triphammer calls for a full lockdown. Retro Girl arrives and they explain that Wolfe is no longer interested in eating people because he can absorb the powers of the 100+ Kids who took Sway. Christian says that if he gets close enough to Wolfe then he can absorb his powers, but the others point out that they couldn't trust him.

Retro Girl asks for other options, and Triphammer explains that he has two Drainer prototypes: a one-shot pulse and the pod that they contained Wolfe in originally. Christian says that they can't bring Wolfe back to lock him up and Retro Girl agrees. After a moment, Triphammer says that the pulse is only strong enough to stun Wolfe temporarily, but it will be long enough to overload the pod core and drain Wolfe and any other Power in contact with him. If that doesn't kill him then they can shoot him dead. Christian figures that he's the only one who can get close enough to do it and overrides Deena when she volunteers. Cross says that they'll seal off Wolfe before he gets to the Strip, Triphammer says that he'll go in, and tells Retro Girl to follow Wolfe but to not engage.

As Retro Girl takes off, Christian tells Cross not to leave him out of it. The captain tells him to stay there and observe, and provide advise to them in the field. Cross orders Deena to stay with Christian and keep an eye on him, and then leaves with his men.

Calista and other teenagers at Here and Gone watch a newscast about Wolfe's escape.

At home, Krispin and Chaotic Chick watch the same broadcast.

A helicopter pilot spots Wolfe on the street and Triphammer and Powers Division move in. Wolfe closes his eyes and Christian warns the officers that Wolfe is trying to get a trace on the Kidz. Triphammer, Cross, and the others move in with the Drainer pod, while Wolfe has a vision of a white flower in a field.

Zora flies in, lands, and unleashes hard-light blasts at Wolfe. He easily smashes them aside and then grabs Zora and smashes her down onto the street. He stomps her repeatedly, snapping her ribs, and Triphammer orders Retro Girl and the others to stay back. Christian tells Deena that Triphammer is waiting to move in until Wolfe is distracted feeding on the girl.

As Wolfe bends over to feed, Triphammer starts to move in with the pulse projector mounted on his cybernetic arm. Zora blasts Wolfe back despite her injuries and Triphammer opens fire. The pulse projector backfires and explodes, stunning Triphammer, and Wolfe runs off. Deena, realizing that they're out of options, asks Christian if he can really remove his powers from Wolfe. Christian figures that he can but tells Deena that he'll need her help... and her trust. She agrees and they take off.

At home, Krispin watches Zora go down and tells Chaotic Chick that he wants her to pay for his mother's death but he doesn't want her to die. Chaotic Chick accesses Candace's laptop and says that they can make the whole industrial-Power complex pay, particularly Retro Girl.

Wolfe finds a hoodie and slips into Here and Gone, and tries to focus on Calista. He sees her as a glowing red flower in a field in his mindscape, and Calista spots him and slips out. Wolfe gets ahead of her and pulls back his hood, and assures her that she has nothing to fear from him... or anything else. Sensing what she is, Wolfe says that she's is something special and suggests that they find somewhere quiet to talk.

Cross and his men continue searching for Wolfe, coordinating with Retro Girl and other Powers who have volunteered to help. They figure that Wolfe has gone underground and Cross orders his men to find the Kidz, who Wolfe is going after.

Christian and Deena go to Wolfe's cell where Johnny is currently contained beneath the Drainer. They go in and explain that they need his help to deal with Wolfe, but Johnny says that he doesn't care who Wolfe eats. Christian asks him about Calista, and Johnny says that he knows where Wolfe will go. He says that he wants Simons released, and Deena tells him that Wolfe killed Simons. After a moment, Johnny yells at them to release him.

In Johnny's office, Wolfe asks Calista if she's a Power. She says that she can fill a hole inside of her and has tried everything to fill it, and Wolfe says that he knows how she feels. He offers to help if Calista wants to try, and offers her his hand. She takes it and their eyes glow red, and they're standing in the field in Wolfe's mindscape. He touches the white flower and blood flows over it. Calista yanks her hand away, realizing that she has the same hunger as Wolfe. Wolfe points out that the Kidz are outside and tells Calista that she has to decide how much of life she really wants and is she will take it for herself. He asks if she wants another taste and offers his hand, and Calista takes it.

Johnny teleports into the club with Christian and Deena, and they're relieved to see that the Kidz are still alive. Johnny tells Deena to get the Kidz out and teleports away with Christian, and Deena borrows a phone to call Cross to call for backup. She then yells at everyone to get out.

Johnny teleports into his office with Christian and offers Calista his hand. Wolfe warns that he'll attack them if they try to take the girl, and asks Calista if she wants to leave. Calista hesitates, and Wolfe explains that he wanted a family that could outlast him. He never meant to eat them. Christian warns that they're not going to send Wolfe to The Shaft this time, and Wolfe starts to absorb anyone who has taken Sway. Johnny teleports Christian and Calista out when he realizes what his former mentor is doing.

When Johnny arrives outside, they discover that all of the Kidz are down. Wolfe comes out and Johnny, furious, teleports over and tries to decapitate him without success. When he realizes that it's too late, Johnny teleports him upstairs and then teleports back down, and Christian tells Deena to get ready to take her shot.

Powers Division arrives and charges in as Wolfe slams through the floor. Christian grabs him and tries to take his powers back. Wolfe knocks him back into Johnny and Deena, and Deena runs over to the Drainer pod. Meanwhile, Calista steps in front of Wolfe to stop him... and Retro Girl slams through the TV screen and knocks him to the ground. While she goes to Calista, Christian joins Deena.

Wolfe recovers and throws Retro Girl across the room, and Christian runs over and slams the pod core into Wolfe's chest. When Wolfe points out that Christian will drain himself if he activates the device, Christian does it anyway. They both go down, and Wolfe extends his hand to Calista. His power flows into her for a moment, and then Deena shoots him repeatedly in the chest while he's vulnerable. Johnny teleports over and decapitates him, and then teleports outside and shows Wolfe's severed head to the crowd. As they applaud, Christian and the others come out.

In his room, Krispin watches with Chaotic Chick as the news reporters give Johnny credit for killing Wolfe. Chaotic Chick dismisses the whole thing as a staged event, and isn't convinced that Wolfe is dead.

The medics examine Calista and find nothing unusual.

Cross prays over his rosary.

Kutter and the other officers congratulate each other and head back to Powers Division.

Johnny goes over to Christian and Deena, and then walks past them. Christian flexes his hand experimentally.

The next day at the station, Deena is putting away the files on Levitation Boy, Bug, and Olympia. The news is running another report on how Johnny kept the death count to a minimum, and Kutter complains. Deena tells him to shut up and when he wonders what's bothering her, says that Christian hasn't come in for work.

At his condo, Christian glances over at the photos of himself as Diamond and fingers the scar on his neck. He then puts his old costume in a duffle bag.

At the city medical center, Zora lies in a brace and tries to ignore Craig. He says that he can't work with someone who won't take his advice, but assures her that she'll be huge. Once he leaves, Zora tries to summon her power but fails. Christian comes in and assures her that she doesn't need Craig, but Zora admits that the agent was right and she screwed up. Her visitor agrees, noting that she went in alone because she had something to prove, and tells Zora to own it. He tells her to get better and leaves, and Zora tries to activate her power again... and does so for a few seconds.

Triphammer is working in his lab when Cross comes in with a bottle of whiskey and suggests that they celebrate. He admits that the Black Swan threat has leveled off and they've dodged a bullet... for now. Triphammer says that he wants to stay sober to enjoy it, and puts the bottle down.

Christian goes to Here and Gone and congratulates Johnny on his newfound hero status. The former Power notes that Wolfe is dead and the DA won't charge Johnny, and now every young Power wants to learn at Johnny's feet. He figures that Johnny got what he wanted, but Johnny says that what he wanted is in shambles. When he asks if they were ever friends, Christian says that they were... once. He asks about Calista, and Johnny tells him to ask her himself.

Calista is in her room packing when Christian comes in. She says that she's okay and ready to leave, and going to the Kidz house to help anyone who needs it. Christian sits down and tells her that he no longer has the sensation of his powers just out of his reach, and insists that neither one of them are powerless. Calista says that she knows and promises to call Christian if she needs help. Once he goes, Calista packs her copy of Wolfe's book.

At Krispin's house, Krispin looks at photos of Calista. Chaotic Chick hacks the PR company's database and tells Krispin that now they know all of their secrets.

Christian meets Retro Girl in the park and asks what her plans are. They talk about their old times together and figure it might be nice just to be together as Christian and Janice. Retro Girl says that she can't retire and Christian understands, and asks about the two of them. She smiles and says that she knows what she wants, and asks if Christian knows if he does. Christian asks her out that night but Retro Girl tells him that she has to go out on patrol so the people know that she's out there. Deena calls again and Christian jokingly says that he has time for a nooner... and Retro Girl says that she has an hour.

Johnny teleports back to the club as Calista leaves, and offers to take her to Hong Kong. She gently turns him down and Johnny promises that he'll be there if she needs him. Calista kisses him on the cheek and walks out.

In the bathroom, Krispin starts to send a message to Calista apologizing. Chaotic Chick calls to him from the next room, saying that the movement wouldn't exist without him. He then goes back into his bedroom and he and Chaotic Chick put on their suits and masks.

At the station, Deena points out to Christian that she's been trying to find him all day. He says that what he was doing was none of her business and Deena says that she has something to show him.

That night, Christian goes out onto the balcony of his condo and gets up on the edge. He contemplates jumping but then his phone rings. A short time later, he goes to the auditorium where Candace died.

Triphammer registers another Black Swan event building.

Calista goes to the top of the building where she jumped before. She gets up on the edge and prepares to jump.

Christian goes to the stage where Deena and the other officers are waiting. Retro Girl is dead, laying in a pool of her own blood, with the words, "Kaotic Chic" written by her corpse.

Calista steps off the edge and falls... and her eyes glow red as she soars back up.