Season 7

121 :07x01 - a device to make baby's feeding time easier; wearable transportation; drinking vinegars; protecting consumers from hacking; an update on Pipcorn.

A Dad from Wellington, FL has a better way to make baby's feeding time easier with a device in which new father, Ashton Kutcher, may be especially interested; two men from Los Angeles, CA skate into the Tank with a new high-tech form of wearable transportation; a culinary student from Detroit, MI wants to bring old-fashioned drinking vinegars into the 21st century as a natural alternative to traditional sodas; and an identity theft and computer crimes expert from Sanford, FL has a solution to protect consumers from crowd-hack-attacks on credit and debit cards.

Also, an update on two of Barbara Corcoran's Season 6 deals: Pipcorn, the organic mini-popcorn snack from sister and brother team Jeff Martin & Jennifer Martin from Brooklyn, NY; and Scratch & Grain, a healthier way to bake homemade cookies from scratch cooked up by Taya Geiger & Leah Tutin, two moms from Tigard, OR.

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123 :07x03 - Season 7, Episode 3

A living story of beats, bytes and big ideas, Carter brings 20 years of experience in music, tech and entertainment to the art of the hustle as a founder of entertainment company Atom Factory and tech outlet An early stage investor, Troy will launch SMASHD LABS startup accelerator in the fall of 2015 and maintains a portfolio of 70+ holdings including Uber, Spotify, DropBox, and Warby Parker. In addition, he is a self-accomplished talent manager for John Legend, Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor.

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124 :07x04 - Season 7, Episode 4

Pitches include a self-described "dad-trepreneur" from Riverview, FL who asks the Sharks to join his "potty" and invest in a device that helps simplify potty-training; and three friends from Los Angeles hope to start a tasty trend with their baked-to-order brownies & cookies mashup. Also, an update on Bettina Chen & Alice Brooks from Sunnyvale, CA and their Roominate inspirational toy business, in which Mark Cuban invested in during Season Six

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125 :07x05 - Season 7, Episode 5

In one of the most exciting moments of "Shark Tank" history, the ante is upped when the Sharks start to bid OVER the asking price for one product and the million dollar offers start to fly. But will greed burst the bubble before a deal is set?

Another pitch prompts a brutal brush-off from an irate Shark. Two parents from Salem, Massachusetts pitch their novel idea for managing Trick-or-Treaters' excess candy with a children's book and gifts; two men from Pacific Palisades, California tout their premium beef jerky made from filet mignon which has the Sharks swooning over the taste and the price point; a woman from Sand City, California pitches a full-length mirror designed to build self-esteem, and two men from Sandpoint, Idaho claim they have redefined drones with inventions that fly up to 60 mph and as high as 10,000 feet. In addition, in a follow-up on the NYC-based Bantam Bagels, the company in which Lori Grenier invested last season, we see how their unique stuffed bagels fare when given a national stage

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126 :07x06 - Season 7, Episode 6

Former Google executive and billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, best known for being among the earliest and largest investors in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter, joins the Tank as a Guest Shark. He finds himself in a heated battle with Lori Greiner over a tech education business that's right up his alley, started by two impressive sisters from Pomona, CA. Two sports fans from Chicago, IL have a specialized version of a popular home rental website; an entrepreneur from Bayside, NY has a unique twist on everyone's favorite hot drink; and an inventor from Portland, OR has developed a revolutionary device that can inflate objects in mere seconds. Also, an update on Lydia Evans from Houston, TX, who failed to secure a deal in the Tank during Season Six for SWAG Essentials, her loofah soap company

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127 :07x07 - Season 7, Episode 7

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128 :07x08 - Season 7, Episode 8

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129 :07x09 - Season 7, Episode 9

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130 :07x10 - Season 7, Episode 10

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131 :07x11 - Season 7, Episode 11

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132 :07x12 - Season 7, Episode 12

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133 :07x13 - Season 7, Episode 13

Three friends from Oakland, CA try to sell the sharks on a breath freshener that has dual uses; a woman from Parker, CO seeks a huge valuation for a functional kid's placemat; and a 23-year-old Baltimore man wants to fight hunger and help the environment with his "ugly" produce subscription service -- will the sharks find it attractive? Plus, a follow up on the Houston-based founders of LuminAid, inflatable, solar-powered lights in which Mark Cuban invested during Season Six

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134 :07x14 - Season 7, Episode 14

Former Google executive and billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chris Sacca, best known for being among the earliest and largest investors in companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter, returns to the Tank as a guest shark.

A husband and wife team from Palo Alto, CA has a device for babies to stay on track and parents to stay sane; entrepreneurial twins from Denver, CO have an online business that can ease the pain of paying for college; and a man from San Francisco has a tech solution to the dreaded parking ticket. Plus, a follow up on Rugged Races, the events company founded by Boston-based Brad Scudder and Rob Dickens, in which Mark Cuban invested during Season Five

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135 :07x15 - Season 7, Episode 15

A sports bra, a high-tech backpack company and a cooling appliance for outdoor use are featured this week.

136 :07x16 - Season 7, Episode 16

Handbags made of upcycled military materials and gloves that work wirelessly with cellphones are a couple of the ideas pitched this week.

137 :07x17 - Season 7, Episode 17

A smart plate with food-recognition technology that could help people on diets and a sweetener that tastes like honey are featured this week.

138 :07x18 - Season 7, Episode 18

A teenage environmentalist has the answer to plastic bottles whilst a former soap opera actress attempts to impress with her one-piece swimsuit.

139 :07x19 - Season 7, Episode 19

A fire-starting solution and a space-saving workout equipment are featured.

140 :07x20 - Season 7, Episode 20


A motion-activated LED light that attaches to toilet bowls and an alternative to traditional beer are amongst the ideas pitched this week.

141 :07x21 - Season 7, Episode 21

Ideas pitched include a product that keeps beer cold longer, a new twist to the vending machine and pet-safe bug repellents.