The Wars to Come - Recap

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Flashback: Young Cersei and another young girl are walking through the woods. Both enter a hut to find a woman slumped over. She is startled awake when Young Cersei bumps into something. The woman demands they leave, but Young Cersei refuses, insisting that the woman reveal her future. After giving the fortune teller a taste of her blood, Young Cersei is allowed to ask 3 questions. She is told she won’t marry the prince, but the king. She will be queen for a time. The king will have 20 children, but she will only have 3.

King’s Landing: Cersei arrives for Tywin’s funeral, and joins Jamie in the church. The two speak about their father and Tyrion. Cersei chastises Jamie for setting Tyrion free.

Pentos: Varys releases Tyrion from the crate. They have arrived in Pentos. Varys wants to discuss the potential future of the country, but Tyrion just wants to drink.

Mereen: The giant statue is ripped from atop of the pyramid and crashes to the ground. An Unsullied (White Rat) visits a brothel, where he is murdered by one of the Sons of the Harpy. Dany, Barristan, Grey Worm, and another discuss the event, while Messandei looks on. Dany demands retribution. The Unsullied gear up.

The Wall: Jon Snow is sparring with Olly, the orphan from last season, who is now a young recruit. Sam and Gilly chat. Alliser Thorne makes a snide remark about Wildlings and then watches the training. Gilly worries that Alliser will have her sent away. Jon is interrupted by Melisandre, who brings him to Stannis. Jon and Stannis talk about how Roose Bolton now controls Winterfell, and Stannis tries to tempt him with revenge. Jon insists he is a member of The Night’s Watch now, and his place is at The Wall, so he can do nothing about it. Davos makes a remark about his questionable reputation, regarding Jon’s treatment of The Wildlings. Stannis vows to reclaim Winterfell and he wants the Wildlings to help him. Stannis says he’ll pardon any Wildling who joins him and they will be citizens of the realm, but he insists that Mance kneel before him and swear his loyalty. Jon says that’s not likely to happen. Stannis tells Jon to convince Mance.

Runestone: Robin is unsuccessfully trying to learn how to fight, while Petyr, Yohn Royce, and Sansa watch. Petyr and Yohn discuss how poorly Robin is doing. A squire approaches and hands Petyr a note. Sansa notices, but averts her eyes. Petyr and Sansa depart, leaving Robin with Yohn for more training.

Countryside: Brienne and Pod are seen resting. Pod inquires about their next move, but Brienne is reluctant to continue on with him. They see Petyr’s brigade. Inside, Sansa makes a remark about Petyr lying to Lord Royce. They have a discussion about trust. Sansa asks where they are going, but Petyr refuses to tell her, only assuring her that she will be safe from Cersei.

King’s Landing: Loras offers some comforting words to Cersei about Tywin. She absentmindedly thanks him before wandering off. Pycelle offers his condolences as she passes him, saying he never trusted Varys. Cersei ignores him and continues walking over to her cousin, and former lover, Lancel. He begins offering his sympathies when his father, Cersei’s uncle, apologizes for Lancel’s appearance. As Lancel walks away, his father explains that Lancel is now a religious fanatic. He says the group calls themselves ‘The Sparrows’. Cersei excuses herself.

Cersei is drinking alone, by a window, when Lancel joins her. They discuss their former relationship together and the fact that he helped kill King Robert. Cersei denies the latter.

Loras is in bed with Olyvar. Margaery interrupts them, insisting Loras and her join the others for dinner. Olyvar dresses and leaves. Margaery suggests Loras be more discreet.

Pentos: Tyrion questions why Varys saved him. Varys tries to convince him to help Dany take the throne. They plan to head to Meereen so Tyrion can meet Dany.

Meereen: Daario escorts Hizdahr zo Loraq through the streets. Hizdahr zo Loraq asks when The Unsullied started patrolling the streets. Daario replies that Hizdahr zo Loraq’s ‘friends’ have not been behaving themselves.

Hizdahr zo Loraq tells Dany that their mission to Yunkai was a success, and he explains how they will be more diplomatic. He says they want the fighting pits returned, though. Dany refuses. Hizdahr zo Loraq explains that it’s an important tradition to them and asks her to reconsider. Dany is firm in her decision.

Daario and Dany are in bed together. He tries to convince her to let the people have the fighting pits. They talk about her position. Daario says that a Dragon Queen with no dragons is not a queen.

Dany goes to see Rhaegal and Viserion, the two dragons she locked away. They snap at her and breathe fire. Dany flees.

The Wall: Jon visits Mance, and tries to convince him to join Stannis. Mance asks how Stannis will kill him. Jon replies he’ll be burnt to death. Mance says how he doesn’t want that, but he can’t bow to Stannis. Jon leaves. Mance is brought out in chains before Stannis, who asks him to kneel. Mance looks at the Wildlings and then Jon Snow before he politely refuses, wishing Stannis well. Mance is tied to a stake, while Stannis’ wife and child watch. Melisandre makes a little speech about Stannis and then lights the wood on fire. As the flames close in on Mance, he looks scared. Jon Snow looks disgusted and leaves. While the others watch Mance begin to burn, an arrow flies out and hits Mance in the chest. Mance looks to see where the arrow came from and sees Jon Snow before he slumps over and dies. Jon walks off.