Murmuration - Recap

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Mitch sees Delavane in the outer office. While Delavane walks away, Mitch tries to run with the Mother Cell and the drugs. Clayton electronically locks the conference room door, but Mitch grabs a chair and breaks the glass door. Delavane returns and calls security as Mitch runs down the stairs, and Clayton and Delavane go after Mitch.

Several floors down, Mitch gets into an elevator and covers the CCTV, and then hits all of the floor buttons. He then gets out on the same floor and heads down the stairs. When security is unable to find Mitch, Clayton orders a floor-by-floor search and a lockdown. He then turns to Delavane, who confirms Mitch is part of his team.

Mitch runs down the stairs, leaves through the emergency exit, and runs down the street.

In New York, Ronnie is going over the information that he's gathered on Jamie and the others. Agent Singer comes in to tell Ronnie that Ben was in Biloxi on his own time, and was talking with Chloe. Ronnie recognizes the name from passenger manifests and confirms she was sitting with Jamie on the flight to DC. He tells Singer to dig deeper on Chloe and find out who she was talking to in Biloxi.

In Boston, Mitch meets with his teammates and tells them what happened. He insists that he did it to save Clementine, and figures that any of them would have done the same. Mitch confirms that he still has the Mother Cell and says that they have to focus on Delavane, who works for the company that they're opposing. As the team wonders why Delavane would bring us together to uncover the truth, Chloe gets a call from her associate Pascal with French Intelligence. He tells her that there's a FBI warrant out for her arrest, on a charge of accessory to murder.

Mitch confirms that the Mother Cell can theoretically be used to reverse the mutation. However, they have to inject it into an animal that has been mutated but not exposed to the Mother Cell. Jackson and Abraham point out how impossible that is, but Mitch says that they have no other choice. Meanwhile, Pascal tells Chloe that the director has suspended her, and warns that she's on her own. Chloe tells the others that the FBI has issued a warrant for her and Jamie's arrest, and will soon be after the others as well. However, Jackson and Mitch point out that with Delavane working for Reiden, they have nowhere to turn to.

Audra takes Henry to the vet, and the woman says that the dog will be fine. A woman has brought in her two birds and tells an orderly that they're making an awful screeching noise. Audra drives home and as they go in, Henry barks at several dozen birds perched on a nearby wire.

Abraham buys some burner phones and Chloe warns that they can't make any more contact with family and friends. Mitch refuses, saying that he's getting the drug to Clementine. Jackson says that they have to release what they've learned and asks Jamie if she has a contact that they can use to get the story out. Jamie does, and Jackson has Abraham and Mitch take the drug to Clementine while he, Chloe, and Jamie pursue another plan.

As they drive to Delavane's house, Delavane complains to Clayton that he wasn't kept in the loop about the Mother Cell. Since he wasn't, he didn't know the significance of it when Chloe reported that they recovered it. Clayton insists that Delavane didn't need to know even though he's the head of global security. He tells Delavane to find them, get the Mother Cell back, and end it. Delavane goes inside as Clayton drives off, his wife Sasha greets him. She says that his friends are there, and Delavane finds Jackson and Chloe in the study.

Jamie calls her contact, Wilson Dupree, and says that she has a story for him. She asks for a meeting in a discreet area and says that she'll have to be an anonymous source at the outset, and Wilson agrees.

As Abraham puts stolen license plates on the team's car, Mitch calls Audra and says that he'll meet her at her house. Once he hangs up, he thanks Abraham for coming with him. Abraham says that he's doing it for Clementine, not Mitch. A bird lands nearby and makes a screeching noise, and Mitch notes that it's not normal. The bird joins others nearby and Abraham remembers reports of birds attacking a trawler crew and making the same noise.

Once Sasha leaves, Delavane notes that he knows everything about the team. He insists that Reiden may not be responsible for the mutation, and wonders why Jackson and Chloe are there. Jackson wants the company to go public with the information and make a cure, Delavane points out that they'll be sued, and tells them that he knows about the FBI warrant. If they don't hand over the Mother Cell, they'll soon be linked to the animal attacks and discredited. Jackson refuses to negotiate and warns Delavane that they have nothing left to lose.

Later, Jackson and Chloe meet Jamie at a bar on the docks and tell her what happened. Jamie says that she'll meet Wilson in an hour, but Jackson points out that they still need to find a cure for the animals. He takes Leo's ledger from Jamie and goes over the list of everyplace where Reiden products were used. Chloe pays the bartender $100 for a wall map and the trio charts all of the locations.

Singer calls Ronnie to tell him that they've got CCTV access and picked up Jamie on facial recognition software from an hour ago. Ronnie heads for Jamie's last address, gets the burner phone she abandoned, and has Singer trace all the call she made.

Chloe steps outside and Jackson joins her, and the analyst blames herself for not realizing that Ben and Delavane were working for Reiden. He tells Chloe that all she can do to trust her instincts is to just do it... and offers to help.

Mitch and Abraham arrive at Audra's house and discover that her car isn't there. As Mitch finds the spare key, more birds gather overhead making the same noise. The two men realize that the birds are talking to each other across species, just as several dogs run by, barking. Audra calls Mitch and says that she and Clementine are at the park, and the birds have trapped them. Audra and Clementine hide beneath the playground equipment and watch as the birds bring down a mother, and Mitch and Abraham drive to the park.

In the park, all of the birds fly away except one, which perches on the mother's baby stroller and peers at the baby inside.

Jackson, Jamie, and Chloe meet Wilson at a warehouse, and Jamie convinces him about Reiden's involvement with the animal mutation. As the reporter says that he can help them, Ronnie arrives and holds them at gunpoint. The trio explains that Ben was taking money from Reiden, but Ronnie doesn't believe them. As he considers shooting them, Jackson knocks some crates over on him and the group runs. Ronnie chases after them and shoots, and Jackson gets a door closed just in time and Jamie shoots out the control box.

As they drive to the park, Abraham suggests that they use sound. Mitch points out that they don't have an oscillator, and remembers treating a Dalmatian at a nearby firehouse.

The birds perch in the park and the bird on the baby carriage flies off. Clementine runs to the carriage and Audra chases after her, and the birds attack them. However, Mitch and Abraham arrive with the fire department and Abraham hoses down the birds while Mitch runs to hug his family.

Later, Jackson and the others meet Mitch and Abraham at Audra's house. Jamie confirms that when Wilson told his editor about the story, they called Reiden and the company threatened to sue. Abraham suggests that they turn themselves in, but the others point out that they'll be held for murder and unable to get their story out. The news runs stories on two other bird attacks and Jackson warns that if the attacks keep progressing, then it'll be too late.

A SWAT team arrives outside, and the leader tells them to be careful of Audra and Clementine.

Audra is packing Clementine's things when Mitch comes in. She wonders how he got the drugs, but Mitch says that their daughter's health is all that matters. As he checks her injured eye, Audra takes Mitch's hand and thanks him for saving Clementine's life. She apologizes for being hard on him and Mitch admits that he brings it out in people. Clementine comes in and wonders why they have to go, and Mitch warns her that it's not safe there.

As Clementine collects her stuffed animals, Mitch sees one of a leopard and gets an idea. He goes downstairs and points out to the team that Robert had photos of leopards at his compound because he was looking for a cure. Jamie checks the Internet and finds a reference to leopard attacks in Zambia where Reiden doesn't sell product.

Ronnie and the assault squad break in a few minutes later and find the house empty.

As the team drives out of Boston, they hear birds screeching in the distance. Mitch explains his theory that the birds are communicating cross-species, and Jamie points out that they could send a message across the planet.

Delavane visits Clayton, who knows the team plans to make a cure. Clayton says that they won't live to find out if they're right, and Delavane goes to make a call.