Season 2

7 :02x01 - Watching Amy Lord

When Amy Lord is discovered stabbed to death, police trace her movements by using footage from five different ATMs in Boston.

8 :02x02 - Good Samaritan

Kenia Monge disappears without a trace and detectives then find out about some chilling surveillance footage, revealing exactly what happened to her.

9 :02x03 - Must Find Mickey

After Mickey Shunick goes missing her family mobilizes the local community to help look for her. The police then see her on a surveillance video.

10 :02x04 - The Vanishing Nurse

Michelle Le vanishes without a trace and police find footage that shows her car circling the parking lot where she vanished.

11 :02x05 - Watching Dru

After a college student called Dru Sjodin disappears following her shift at Victoria's Secret, investigators look at surveillance camera footage to find out the shocking reason for her disappearance.

12 :02x06 - Vanished From Campus

Christian Aguilar vanishes from campus in Florida, leaving his family and friends in turmoil. Closed-circuit television recording sees the case going in a shocking new direction.

13 :02x07 - Driven to the Edge

Surya Toha disappears in Coral Springs without a trace after dropping her sons off at school. Some shocking video surveillance footage then reveals exactly what happened to her.

14 :02x08 - The Vanishing Babysitter

Elizabeth Ennen disappears after a family friend drops her off at home, but her mother says she never came through the door.

15 :02x09 - Snatched on Camera

Some grainy security footage reveals what happened to college student Katie Poirier who vanished whilst working the late shift at a gas station.

16 :02x10 - Mr. Reed Will See You

Keith Reed is shot on his doorstep and surveillance footage helps the police to unravel the mystery of who killed him and the reasons why.

17 :02x11 - One Chance, One Look

Rick Chance is gunned down in a hotel room causing detectives to look at a surveillance video to try and catch his killer.