Season 1

1 :01x01 - A Time to Travel

Best friends Shelby and Cyd gain the unpredictable power to travel back and forth in time when one of their friend Barry’s science inventions goes awry. With their newfound power, the teen besties try to fix the mishaps that spoiled Shelby’s plans to ask her crush Cameron out to the school dance.

Source: Disney Channel
Guest Stars: Madison Hu as Marci

2 :01x02 - A Time to Cheat

When Cyd and Shelby are having trouble studying for a difficult history test, they decide to jump ahead in time and nab the test questions. Meanwhile, Barry and Naldo find themselves in a hair-raising situation when they try to figure out how to make Barry’s invention replicate time travel.

Source: Disney Channel

3 :01x03 - A Time to Say Thank You

When Cyd tries to plan a special thank you for the Marcus family, Shelby steps in to help with hulu dancers, a rock band and jugglers and everything somehow leads to a big misunderstanding and a huge kitchen disaster.

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4 :01x04 - A Time to Jump and Jam

Cyd and Shelby travel back to relive one of their favorite memories from middle school, but the moment winds up being totally different than what they both remembered. Now, they begin to question everything that happened on that particular day.

Source: Disney Channel
Guest Stars: Eryn Nicole Pablico as Jen

5 :01x05 - A Time to Rob and Slam

When Shelby’s new lab partner, The Rob, can’t stop being mean and annoying, the girls travel back in time to try and find out why he’s such a jerk.

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6 :01x06 - The Butterscotch Effect

Cyd and Shelby go back to change the past so that Barry can meet his childhood science hero. However, when they return, they realize Barry and Naldo have changed as well and are now terrible rock musicians instead of aspiring scientists.

Source: Disney Channel

7 :01x07 - Shake Your Booty

When the girls are assigned to do a report on the 1970s disco era, they decide to travel back and experience the 70s firsthand and land in the midst of turf battle between the disco and punk kids.

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8 :01x08 - Back to the Future Lab

Cyd and Shelby discover a major clue to the future lab memory and it is somehow tied to Barry's Science mentor Janet Smythe, who also employs Shelby's dad.

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10 :01x10 - When Shelby Met Cyd

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14 :01x14 - A Time to Double Date

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15 :01x15 - Jump to the '50's

Grandma Rita is in town for a visit and the girls discover that time travelers helped set up Shelby's grandparents.