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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a 3D computer animated show from Nickelodeon. It was based on the 2001 feature, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. It was created by John A. Davis of DNA Productions, an animation company in Texas and Steve Oedekerk of O Entertainment. The shows pilot Runaway Rocket Boy (an episode that has never aired and isn't including the the episode list) is available on DVD and the end credits claim that it was created in 1997. The show was once rumored to be called Johnny Quasar but the idea was scrapped because according to Keith Alcorn, of DNA productions, it sounded to similar to Johnny Quest.
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The Show

The show revolves around an 11 year old genius named James Isaac Neutron (Jimmy), who has an IQ of 210, his two less intelligent but hilarious best friends Sheen Juarera Esteves and Carlton Ulysses Wheezer (Carl) and two girls that Jimmy and Sheen eventually fall in love with Cynthia Aurora Vortex (Cindy) and Liberty Danielle Folfax (Libby). The gang get into many adventures that usually occur due to Jimmy's adventures that usually go wrong but as a quote once used by Libby stated in the season 3 episode, Stranded, "At lest we had an eventful childhood".
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The Jimmy/Cindy Relationship

The relationship first started showing signs during the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie and in the season one episode I dream of Jimmy, Jimmy kissed Cindy. Even though the kiss was in an attempt to save his life it sort of helped the relationship. In the season two episode, Love Potion 976/J, Jimmy, who was under the impression of of love potion told Cindy that he loved her and almost ended up kissing Cindy. This near kiss indicated that Cindy had some sort of feelings for Jimmy even though she doesn't act that way. For the rest of season two there were a few more Jimmy and Cindy moments but in the season finale Win, Lose and Kaboom Jimmy kissed a gorlock named April, making Cindy jealous and even ended fighting with that gorlock. At the end of the episode Jimmy and Cindy nearly kissed again. In season three there were Jimmy and Cindy moments. Jimmy and Cindy almost kissed for the third time in Lights Camera Danger, Cindy almost told Jimmy that she loved him in The N Men, in The Tomorrow Boys Jimmy and Cindy were married in the bad future, in Stranded Jimmy and Cindy were stranded in a deserted island and held hands and watched the sunset also Cindy carved J&C; 4 forever into a tree, in Crouching Jimmy Hidden Sheen, Cindy felt became sad when Jimmy thought dancing was stupid, (The reason: Cindy wanted to ask Jimmy to dance with her at the school dance.), in King of Mars, Jimmy admitted that Cindy distracts him, in My Big Fat Spy Wedding, Cindy said that Jimmy was a hunk muffin and said that he looked handsome, in the League of Villans, Cindy almost admitted that she loved Jimmy but she was interrupted by Jimmy and then Jimmy kissed her on her cheek also at the end of the episode Jimmy and Cindy held hands prior to entering the Candy bar, in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2, Jimmy wanted to ask Cindy to the dance and said that he liked Cindy, and finally in Lady Sings The News, Jimmy and Cindy player footsie in the library, while doing their news show played walking the man and at the end of the episode Jimmy and Cindy kissed!
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The Sheen/Libby Relationship

The relationship first started showing signs in Love Potion#976/J. Unlike the Jimmy/Cindy relationship very few episodes were based on this particular relationship. In fact the only episodes beside Love Potion 976/J to have any sort of Sheen and Libby moments were Win, Lose and Kaboom, The Tomorrow Boys, Crouching Jimmy Hidden Sheen and Lady Sings The News. In Win, Lose and Kaboom, Sheen bought a book for tips on how to make Libby his girlfriend, in Crouching Jimmy Hidden Sheen, Sheen risked his life to save Libby when she was captured by monks and also Libby called Sheen her boyfriend, in The Tomorrow Boys, Sheen again risked his life for Libby and near the end of the episode Sheen and Libby held hands, in Lady Sings The News Libby picked Sheen up from the ground after he was trampled on by the citizens of Retroville, and carried him though this wasn't a major Sheen/Libby moment it was still something.
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The Theme Song

From here to the stars
To buy candy bars
Rides a kid with a knack for invention,
With a super-powered mind
A mechanical canine.
He rescues the day from sure destruction,
This is the theme song for Jimmy Neutron...

The Theme Song was done by Bowling For Soup.
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Episode Info

Final: 3x20 -- Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 - Jerkinators (Jul/21/2006)

Jimmy and Timmy become crime fighting friends, with the combination of Jimmy's science and Timmy's magic they are unstoppable. There friends becomes so strong that it causes Jimmy to ignore his two best friends Sheen and Carl and it causes Timmy to ignore his two best friends Chester and Aj. They even ignore Cindy. The two then get tired of beating villains so they decide to create an ultimate villain so they can destroy.
Available Episodes

Jimmy Timmy Power Ho..
Jul 21, 2006
Season 3 episode 20

How to Sink a Sub/La..
Nov 17, 2006
Season 3 episode 19

Jimmy Timmy Power Ho..
Jan 16, 2006
Season 3 episode 18

League of Villains
Jun 18, 2005
Season 3 episode 17

My Big Fat Spy Weddi..
Jul 22, 2005
Season 3 episode 16

El Magnifico/Best In..
Nov 25, 2006
Season 3 episode 15

King of Mars
Nov 25, 2006
Season 3 episode 14

Debi DerryberryDebi Derryberry
voiced Jimmy (James Isaac Neutron)
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Carl (Carlton Ulysses Wheezer)
Carolyn LawrenceCarolyn Lawrence
voiced Cindy (Cynthia Aurora Vortex)
Jeffrey GarciaJeffrey Garcia
voiced Sheen (Sheen Juarerra Estevez)
Crystal ScalesCrystal Scales
voiced Libby (Liberty Danielle Folfax)
Mark DeCarloMark DeCarlo
voiced Hugh Beaumont Neutron
Megan CavanaghMegan Cavanagh
voiced Judy Neutron
Andrea MartinAndrea Martin
voiced Miss Winifred Fowl
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Goddard
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Bolbi



Reviews: 24
Personal FavoriteRating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes

This show is the best in grahpics storyline etc. I love the episodes! I have seen the entire series of normal episodes and I loved them all I only hope that it doesn\'t end on season 3 I would really like to see the realationship of Jimmy and Cindy develop better it would be so cool if it has an ending like \"The Wedding Frame\"! of ATBG where it cleared up all the answers of ATBG! And I would really like to see Jimmy and Cindy\'s Kid I love JN! Read more

Review posted on Sunday, October 8th 2006 at 6:44 pm

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1x4: Granny Baby/Time Is Money recap: Normal Boy
The episode being with Hugh attempting to lift the luggage for he and Judy's third honeymoon. Judy then comes in and tell him to stop. Jimmy then asks his parents why they are going on there second honeymoon and Judy tells Jimmy about the forgetto blaster incident that wiped out their second honeymoon and there fifth year of marriage from there memory. In the next scene, we see Hugh and Jimmy discussing Hugh's surprise in his and Judy's honeymoon suite. Judy then comes in and tells Jimmy that Granny Neutron is coming for a visit. Hugh and Judy then tell Jimmy not to carry out any experiments on Granny Neutron. Granny Neutron then comes into the scene driving a taxi and telling the driver that she can get here from the airport in under 50 cents. Hugh and Judy then leave the scene and Jimmy and Granny Neutron then go inside the house... read more.

1x3: Brobot/The Big Pinch recap: Brobot
The episode begins with Jimmy asking Carl to assist him in a test of his Modified Nuclear Power Pogo-stick. Carl declines and says that he's watching a show on the Llama Channel called When good Llama's go bad. Jimmy then goes meet Sheen in the park and asks him to play baseball. Sheen declines and says that he's playing Ultra Lord vs Robo-fiend. Jimmy out of desperation then goes to Cindy's house but leaves as soon as he realised what he was about to do. After departing from Cindy's house, Jimmy then takes a walk in the park and saw Butch and his little brother playing baseball and realises that he needs a little brother... read more.

1x2: Normal Boy/Birth of a Salesman recap: Normal Boy
The episode begins with Jimmy, Hugh and Judy having breakfast in the kitchen. Jimmy then uses his newest invention, The juice-bot 3000 (i.e. a device that sucks in oranges from a tree and makes juice with the oranges within seconds.) Jimmy is unable to control the device, and the juice-bot then sucks in everything in Jimmy backyard into his house. Jimmy then switched the button on the Juice-bot to forward. The juice-bot then sucked everything in Jimmy's kitchen to the outside. Some of the material hit an asteroid, redirecting it and setting it on a course for earth Judy is upset about this and tells Jimmy to "March yourself off to school"... read more.

1x1: When Pants Attack recap: As the episodes begins Jimmy and Carl are testing Jimmy's latest invention! Jimmy then remembers that he forgot to pick his pants up and he knows that his mom will be upset. Jimmy quickly hurries home and is greeted by his mother, Judy Neutron. Who tell him that he will not be allowed to go to the movies with his friends over the week-end. Jimmy tries to negotiate with his mother but she refuses to withdraw her punishment. Hugh Neutron, Jimmy's father then has a talk with Jimmy and Jimmy, and Jimmy then becomes inspired and invents a something that allows pants to pick themselves up. Jimmy gives them the name Nano Chips .Jimmy then demonstrates this to his parents who are fairly impressed and decide to withdraw Jimmy's punishment and allow him to go to the movies with his friends... read more.
Recurring Guests

Rob Paulsen as Principal Willoughby (31 eps)
Candi Milo as Britney/Nick (18 eps)
Mark DeCarlo as Commercial Narrator (16 eps)
Billy West as Louie (15 eps)
Megan Cavanagh as Girl (14 eps)
Crystal Scales as Maggie (13 eps)
Debi Derryberry as Amber (11 eps)
Frank Welker as Wendell (8 eps)
Jeffrey Garcia as Bystander (8 eps)
Jeff Bennett as Fairy Agent #2 (6 eps)

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